Parenting Lows: a nice way to spend an evening

Yesterday, as my daughter and I were beginning a mini-marathon viewing of Once Upon a Time (season 1, disc 1) my husband, who had just left to pick up friends from the airport texted me with, “Lots of people at the school, something going on?”

I replied, “No idea.”  Then I looked up my daughter’s school’s website, and learned that the Meet the Teacher’s event was 15 minutes from ending.

I texted him back, but the message didn’t go through.  That often happens in the basement, but  I didn’t bother to go upstairs to resend.  We were trying to watch as many episodes as possible before our friends arrived.  Priorities!

So, for the first time ever (ever being three years), we missed a chance to meet our daughter’s teachers.  I had a pang of guilt.  I homeschooled for 15 years, and now I’m such a slacker that I don’t even bother to meet the six people who are teaching my daughter!  For shame!

Then I realized I’d missed something, asked my daughter to explain it, set my computer aside, forgot I was a slacker, and resumed viewing.  We were both super excited that a flight delay allowed us to finish the disk.

When we put the dvd back in its envelope, came out of our fairy tale fog, and remembered that Wednesday was garbage night, I realized that my daughter and I had just spent a very pleasant evenings together.  We were actually engaged in the same thing, at the same time, and not on each other’s nerves.  Considering she’d stomped up the stairs away from me less than five minutes after arriving home from school that afternoon, this was A Spectacular Evening.  Way better than it would have been if she had had to introduce her dad and I to her teachers.

Does this make us TV-aholics?  We don’t have cable, satellite, or even an antenna, just netflix.  We do tend to obsess over shows we like, even if it is a show that everyone else was watching last year.  (No spoilers for me, please!)


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