Where have the old doctors gone?

Marcus Welby was on
before my bedtime.
How old can I be?

Yesterday I received a letter that my GYN has retired.  I’d only been seeing her a few years, but really liked her. She was a good listener, and believed me the first time when I told her where to find my cervix.  That sounds like a simple thing, but a lot of doctors don’t.  Exploring with a speculum hurts.

She was about fifteen years older than me, maybe, and nothing surprised her.  The two doctors who are taking over her practice look younger than me.  Judging by their photos, they are both in their thirties.

I’m not opposed to young doctors on principle, but I have not had good luck with doctors younger than myself. The last time I tried that, I ended up with lots of extra tests and appointments because the young doctor didn’t think anything I described or she felt seemed “normal.”  No, not normal for someone under 30 who has never had a baby, but for a woman in her forties, yes, it can be.  Sorry, things get messy and lumpy.  All sorts of things.

It ended badly, when she sought the opinion of an older doctor in the practice, who ended up telling her loudly in the hall that NO, you should not keep calling a patient back to re-check her breasts when multiple mammograms and ultrasounds showed NOTHING.  That SCARES patients.

I was glad I wasn’t the one who had to yell at her.

It’s not just the gynecologists and GPs.

Also, never seen an episode of Doogie Howser.
I think I had a collicky baby that year.
I’m not young, either.

The last time I was at the dentist he was trying to talk me into capping a wisdom tooth that does not hurt because he saw craze lines on the x-ray.  At my age, he thought, I should take preventative measures.   I thought I was politely declining treatment I did not yet need, and he angrily began telling me that I was foolish to dismiss the advice of an expert who had been practicing dentistry for six years.

Six whole years!  How dare I!

After he left, I asked the hygienist if he was always that aggressive.  She whispered, “No, I’ve never seen him that angry before.”

Maybe his student loans were stressing him out.

I’m only 45.  I wasn’t expecting this for another decade.  Where have all the older doctors gone?


8 thoughts on “Where have the old doctors gone?

  1. My internist is retiring this December, my husband’s just went concierge. As we get older, so do our doctors, lawyers, etc. It’s distressing and I am not sure where I’m going to go next for basic medical care!

  2. Ach, my doctors are ALL younger than I am it seems these days. And it’s not like I’m ancient – I’m 44. Glad somebody yelled at that crazy young doctor who wanted to keep you coming back for more!

  3. At the moment, all my doctors are right around my age – 43. Which is okay, because I feel like they can relate to me without talking down to me. And I feel freer to tell them they’re full of shite when I don’t like what they have to say. And luckily, our pediatrician is at least 10-15 years older than me, so I feel more secure in her diagnoses. But Sharon is right – as we get older, so does everybody else! lol
    Hopping in from Hump Day Hook Up

  4. I deliberately seek out older doctors who are prepared to listen and don’t push pill on you and treat you with the old style charm. Although I’m not a big doctor goer anyway. Thanks for linking to the Hump Day Hook Up. It’s great to see you there.

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