Do you have a bucket list?

Do you have a bucket list?I’m not a list maker by nature.  It requires way more organizational effort than I usually care to exercise.  If you’ve read my About Me list, you’ve probably figured this out on your own.

More than my lack of organizational skills, it is my lack of constancy that keeps me from embracing the bucket list.  Sure, if I was handed a wad of cash and told to book a vacation today, I could do it.  Today, given enough cash, I’d book an African safari for a winter vacation.  Less money, I’d go to the Florida Keys.

That’s today. Yesterday, I was thinking about Italy and Scotland.  Who knows what I’ll be thinking about tomorrow.  I don’t.

The idea of making a list today, and sticking with it, is so alien to me.  I’m too much of a flibbertigibbit to want to be held to yesterday’s dreams.

Or am I missing the point?  Is this one of those Type A things that I just don’t get?  Is the list not about daydreaming?  Is it an actual plan?

Do people rank their bucket lists and complete them in order?  Or do they allow for some randomness in the completion?  It’s a ‘to each his own’ thing, isn’t it?

Aside from my own flightiness, there are so many uncontrollable external factors.  Time, money, health, war, politics, climate change, uncooperative spouses.

I think I may have lost my chance to visit Egypt.  Not that the chance was ever great, but I feel like the political situation there has reduced my chances of seeing the pyramids from “possible, but unlikely” to “almost nil.”  How would I feel about not being able to see the pyramids at Giza if it had been part of my life’s plan, not just wishful thinking?

Do you allow yourself to erase items from your bucket list, or must you soldier on?

When I started thinking about this, ie five minutes ago, I googled and found, where people can make their lists online, and other people can browse them for ideas.  Browse for ideas?  If you can’t think of it yourself, how badly can you really want it?

I looked at the Recently Added feed.  Many people want to travel.  Several list scuba diving.  One wants to have a book published.  Get a law degree.  Fly a plane.  Win the lottery.  I hope they do all those things, but when they don’t, I hope they are happy anyway.

What about you?  Do you have a bucket list?


8 thoughts on “Do you have a bucket list?

  1. I’m with Sue. Nothing written out, just dreams in my head, and yes, they change. Often. There are a few constants, things I’ve longed to do for as long as I can remember. Will I ever do them? Who knows. Maybe. I hope so. But there are and have been a lot of things I never would have dreamed 5, 10, or 20 years ago and yet they have brought me some of the most amazing and lasting joy of my life thus far. I’d hate to be tied to a list, but love an ever changing daydreaming “wouldn’t it be nice if….” kind of imaginary list. Does that count?

    • I’m obviously no expert, but I thought a bucket list was a more formal thing. You sound more like me, as does Sue. I have dreams and desires, some of which I’ve had for most of my life, and some of which change with seasons and moods. I think the important thing is to be happy with your own system, your own life. I know you are. 🙂

  2. I make lists like theres no tomorrow haha. My boyfriend finds it really annoying. I love apps that make lists! Pinterest makes my habit worse. I have a board just for my bucket list. I use the bucket list to store my thoughts on what I want to do at a point in time rather than as a plan for my life, if that makes any sense

  3. I’ve crossed things off in my head as I go in relation to a bucket list. I’m great with making a list but keeping up with the list, yeah right. I do good to make it out the door with my grocery list. How about we find interesting and challenging things to experience along the way and work a reverse bucket list? Any takers? 🙂

    Nice blog Ginger and thanks for the note on mine this morning.


    • I love the idea of a reverse bucket list, as a way of taking note of the things we have done. I think for most of us, that includes a lot of things that would never have been put on a list, but that have made us stronger or our lives more interesting.

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