Stop Wearing Granny Panties

Do you know the difference between granny panties and pin-up girl panties? Attitude.

Okay, maybe the high waisted retro panties feature a bit more lace, and a bit less beige, but those are minor differences. The real distinction is the attitude of the woman wearing them.

How do you think of yourself?

If you think of yourself as frumpy, chances are you look it.  Sorry.  I deleted that twice before leaving it there.  It’s just true.  If you think of yourself that way, no matter what you wear, it shows through.

We often are told that if we dress differently, we will feel more confident.  Sometimes that is true.  However, wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing is not a mood booster.  Nobody looks or feels fantastic when their clothing requires constant adjustment.  Tugging your pants up or your shirt down, adjusting your bra straps, trying to wiggle out of a wedgie:  these are neither attractive nor confidence builders.

I am not advocating a makeover for your lingerie drawer.  I’m advocating a makeover of your mindset.  Let’s start with not calling anything “granny panties.”  Call them Pin-Up Girl Panties.  You, you’re the pin-up girl.  Pin up girls come in all sizes, so no excuses, and they’ve been around longer than you, so you are not too old, either.

If you feel great in a thong, or boy shorts, or bikinis, or hip huggers, or spanx, wear them.  It does not matter what sort of underpinnings you wear.  It matters that you are comfortable and feel good about yourself.

Undergarments aren’t seen by most people.  Or shouldn’t be.  That hot pink bra strap that doesn’t line up with your sundress straps, or the top of the thong showing when you reach down, they don’t make your look.  They might get noticed, but people should be noticing you, not your underwear.

Have you ever thought, as the mom standing in line in front of you bent down to pick up the dropped binky, “Wow, if it wasn’t for the visible Y of her thong, she would look like such a frump?”  No, nobody ever has.  If you’d seen the top of her pin-up girl panties instead, she’d have looked no more or less like the woman she is.  So it doesn’t matter what undies you wear.

Remember, you are not a frump.  You’re a pin-up girl.  In disguise.

Why disguise it?  Because I don’t think most women are trying to convey sexy 24/7.  Sometimes, yes, and for certain people, definitely.  Usually, most women I know want to look nice, beautiful, maybe stylish, not older than we are, maybe sophisticated or quirky or professional, often thinner than we are, and more confident than many of us feel.  We don’t need or want to arouse everyone we encounter.  So everyone needn’t know you’re a pin-up girl.  It’s enough that you know it.  (You can let your husband in on the secret, but I bet he already knows.)

Whatever look you choose, it’s confidence that will make it work.  Confidence and a smile.  Do you think the most appealing photo in this set is the first?  She’s smiling, that’s why.

So wear your comfortable panties and know that you look great when you feel great.  Stop calling them granny panties.  Even if you are a grandmother.  If you don’t want to think of yourself as a pin-up girl, remember, Wonder Woman wore full coverage briefs, too.  You can be a superhero.


30 thoughts on “Stop Wearing Granny Panties

  1. oh my gosh, I love this! Pin-up girl panties!! So much better than granny panties. You are so right — it’s all about the attitude. I love that you found pin-ups in all shapes/sizes for this post, too. This is the kind of encouragement people need — be comfortable in the skin you’re in. Period. Comfortable & confident and then it shows. Awesome. Just awesome.

  2. Love this, just love it. We wrote earlier this year all about how underthings are really an expression of ourselves and sometimes it takes a while to find out who that is. But when you do figure out who you are, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and in your own knickers!! Great post.

  3. Oh I totally love this! I just read Tao of Poop’s hilarious and thought-provoking post on Granny Panties yesterday, and then I stumbled upon this fabulous gem of yours on Sisterhood’s Link-up today; I will proudly wear my comfy cotton undies and feel like a sex kitten underneath! Thanks for sharing this one today…

  4. Yeah…what Tracy said. Just the other day I was feeling sad about the increasing likelihood that I’ll never wear my thongs again. I just need to repeat to myself: “You are a pin-up girl. Pin-up girl!”

    • You may wear them again one day, but, in the meantime, buy yourself the best fitting and prettiest variety of whatever style you decide is right for you now. Then rock them like the pin-up girl you are.

  5. Yes! Love this! I have some Wonder Woman Briefs of Awesomeness. The tummy control panel is there to streamline the awesomeness. Because sleak, comfortable awesomeness is a way better look than the VPL or whale taling that inevitably happen when I wear a thong.

  6. I would be comfortable in pin-up girl panties, but the extra three inches hanging out over my jeans would not be great. I actually like wearing a thong – go figure.

  7. I love this!! I just find some panties to wear to work, don’t really think about what they look like. At home, I just don’t wear any! LOL!

  8. See, this is why i love the Time Travel meme, thank you for linking this post today … so glad that i did not miss this … what with the thoughts of dating and all that now. Undergarments are apparently key … thank YOU 😉

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