Sunday Fun, vol. 1

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The only part of a newspaper I ever enjoyed were the funny papers and the Style section.  I never read anything else unless a teacher demanded a current events article.  I’m going to try to give you your own little Funny Pages each Sunday.

Do you like quizzes?  I love them, more so when the results are laughably wrong.  Here is a quick visual style quiz.  Click either the picture or here for the quiz.  I’d love to hear if your results were spot-on or just plain ridiculous.  My results were “classic with a touch of boho.”  The photo below is the boho.  There was not one thing about the classic spread that I liked.

My daughter had the most ridiculous homework assignment on Monday:  watch a football game to learn what the various players do.  (If you click the comic, it’s big and readable.)

Here is an interesting article:   psychopaths have a poor sense of smell. The application for the middle aged woman is that, no matter how crazy you feel, you can assure your family you are not a psychopath because your sense of smell is stronger than ever.  Or is that just me?

Lastly, a bit of style news:  socks are making a come-back.  This is from Prada, spring 2013 collection.  Marc Jacobs also featured socks.  I already mentioned this on Facebook, but I am really looking forward to people wearing socks.  (I share odd bits of news and stuff on FB, basically whatever catches my eye.)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Fun, vol. 1

  1. Took the quiz and got Boho, with just a touch of set sail. I think it’s more or less accurate — I love the calm of the ocean, but I don’t decorate (or want to decorate) in Beach House/Nautical. I do like to throw in some blues, though, and Boho didn’t seem to preclude that. Bright colors, ecclectic styling — this seems accurate. I have an adverse reaction to neutrals. :shudder: Boho certainly sounds nicer than “random” or “ecclectic” or “disjointed” which is what I sometimes feel my decorating style is.

    Love the funnies; thanks for bringing the Sunday Comics to my computer!

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