Survival of the Knittest

My husband was assessing my survival skills the other day.  He came up with one: knitting.  If we lived someplace cold, and the world came crashing down, he thinks I would be able to keep us warm and maybe even barter knitted goods for some food or water.

Happy to hear that I have any survival skills at all, I pointed out that I’d need yarn because I don’t know how to spin, or keep livestock, but that if we had old sweaters, I could unravel them.  That is, if the end of the world happened to result in a lot of unused sweaters that I found before any of the cold people did.

Zombies don’t need sweaters, do they?

I think you should all befriend a knitter now, or at least next week, so if the earth loses power and/or the means of transporting warm winter wear from Chinese factories to your house, you will have a local contact for hats, mittens, and sweaters.

My husband was planning for our lottery win a day earlier.  In that scenario, I got a fabulous house and he got an airplane.  I hope I win the lottery before the infrastructure of the world crashes.  I think my knitting skills would be more marketable if I was living in my dream house.  Or, my husband could deliver my woolens to colder climes in his airplane.  Now that is a plan!

What are your survival skills?  I might need to move near you.


4 thoughts on “Survival of the Knittest

  1. This is so funny because the other day I was assessing my survival skills. I can grow food, sew, start a fire and we have a couple of chickens, but I don’t know how we would get socks. I can’t knit to save my life. I will be one of those waiting for your husband to arrive in his airplane!

  2. I’ll have to think about this. I can sew, even by hand pretty well, so lack of electricity won’t hinder me too much there. Except, I can’t sew garments, just quilts. So we can team up, you can knit sweaters and I’ll sew blankets. I can cook, if someone gets a fire going for me. And raises the food for me. Definitely need a team approach… there any way we can turn “professional read-aloud-er” into a survival skill????

    • I suggested that to my husband! I said I could be like Wendy reading to the lost boys. He didn’t think I could barter that for food. I agree with you about the team approach.

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