Monkey in the Middle

Last week, when I was at the zoo, I witnessed some family drama among the monkeys.

There was a baby monkey, a juvenile, and an adult, whom I guessed was their mother.  The two youngsters were playing tag and scuffle, on the same branch where their parent was eating a branch.  They bumped into the muncher and received a Look.

Being kids, they ignored it and continued to play.  Again, they jostled their elder…..who then grabbed the baby’s tail and bit it!

The baby started screaming!  Holding its little tail, and wailing!

Rushing from the brush in the back of the enclosure came Mom.  She sees Baby, sees the monkey I now realize was Dad, and stopped about six feet away.

Baby ran to Mom, still screeching, and buried itself in her arms.  She stroked his little head and kept an eye on Dad.

At lunch, I recounted this to my husband.  He said, “Well, their dad warned them.  They shouldn’t have been playing on his branch.  He probably grabbed the nearest tail and didn’t care whose it was.”

That evening, I talked to my baby boy on the phone.  He’s 20.  I told him the story.  He said, “That poor baby!  He was just playing.  What a cranky dad.”

I know just how that momma monkey felt.


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