Sunday Funnies, vol. 5

Images have been removed because….

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This is one of my pet peeves when I am out riding my bike on a trail:  the custom here is to shout, “Passing on the left,” but the joggers with earbuds in cannot hear, no matter how loud I shout, so I either startle them by passing, or, in some places, have to ride onto the grass.

It also annoys me when my daughter is doing her laundry, and the washing machine is beeping away while she, earbuds in place, is impervious to the sound that is harassing me.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies, vol. 5

  1. I’m always afraid to wear earbud when I am out in the forest, on the road, or at the park. I want to hear any danger that might be lurking!

    I could really relate to the dog on the bed cartoon!

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