Conversations with my daughter, about shoes

At home:

Daughter:  “Would you wear black shoes or red ones with this?”

Me:  “Black.”

“Well, I don’t have black shoes.”  Staring commences.

(Who didn’t want black and picked out the red flats?  Her!)

Another day:

Daughter:  “Do they make boots like Emma Swan wears in my size?”

Me:  “Yes.”

“Do you think I could get some?

“Maybe for Christmas.”

Shortly thereafter, in shoe store, for new sneakers:

Her:  “What should I get?”

Me:  “Pick out whatever sneakers you like.”

“What size do I wear?  Where are the sneakers?  How do I know if they fit? Can I get two pairs?”

“One pair is enough for today. Pick the pair you like the most.”

“Do they sell boots like Emma Swan wears here?”

“Yes, but we’re replacing your sneakers today.  We can do boots for a Christmas gift.”

She chose skate shoes.

Later that week, in the car:

Her:  “Would my shoes look okay with my skirt?”

Me:  “Which skirt?”

“I only have one.”

“You have more than…”

Husband:  “She only has one skirt?  Why does she only have one skirt?”

Me:  “She has several skirts.  Enough for someone who only wears them once a week.  Which skirt?”

“The one I like.”

“Personally, I would not wear those shoes with a skirt, but you certainly can. It’s up to you; it’s what you like.”

“Well, I don’t have any other shoes.”

“It’s a red skirt.  You could wear the red flats.”

“Do you mean the ones you bought in Chinatown? They broke.”

“No, I mean your red ballet flats.”

“I can’t because I don’t have the right kind of socks.”

Husband:  “Why do you need socks with flats?”

“Anyway, I don’t have any boots.”

“I’m not buying boots right now. They can be a Christmas gift.”

“I wasn’t asking for boots.”

The next morning, getting ready for church:

Her:  “Can I wear my shoes with this?”

“You can wear whatever shoes you want.”

“I can’t, because I don’t have boots.”

I’m being worked over by a relentlessly passive aggressive campaigner, but I am not buying those boots as anything but a Christmas gift.  My daughter is a sane person.  A nice person.  Unless it involves footwear.

(She does own boots, btw.  Snow boots and generic Uggs, as well as a few other pairs of shoes which she is also ignoring right now.)


18 thoughts on “Conversations with my daughter, about shoes

  1. This made me laugh. My older daughter can be the same way, but much less subtle.
    And if she doesn’t like a wardrobe item, it doesn’t exist. “I don’t have any dresses!” Lies!

  2. My daughters would completely adore your daughter and subscribe to all her updates. They would study her method. They are nowhere near as subtle. I would love passive aggressive.

  3. Well, I really have to side with your daughter on this one. She obviously needs boots, and now.

    (says the shoe-fiend influenced by Brazil, and mom to all boys, who could care less about shoes……)

      • Oh, I totally get it. I would completely tell my boys that XYZ Lego need was a pending Christmas gift. I just have a soft spot for shoes…..Brazil has had one lasting effect on me, in that the girl who used to own 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of “nice shoes to wear with jeans” and 2 pair of dress shoes (1 black, 1 light colored) into a girl who now has flip flops, sneakers, boots, nice sandals, and assorted dress shoes for every occassion, plus a pair of “wear with jeans” shoes and plus a pair of “just for the sheer fun of it…” shoes……(sigh) I empathize with your daughter, even as I understand *completely* the mom-ness that says “wait until Christmas, darling…” 🙂

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