Why is the pantyliner talking about a bra?

I bought some feminine hygiene products yesterday.  Putting them away at home, I saw the back of one box and experienced several moments of utter confusion.  What had I bought?

They make bra liners?  For athletes?  Oh, I got the ones for sports bras.  I don’t …. would they work in a regular bra?  No, they are different for different bras.  I never knew people needed bra liners.  I guess they’re like the armpit liners.  How did I pick these up by mistake?  Is this one of those new Poise products for menopausal women?

Flips box over to check the front.  Wait, these are pantyliners.  Why are they talking about bras?  I don’t get it.

Whose idea was this to have a pantyliner comparing itself to a bra?

I want bras that defy gravity and aging.

I want menstrual pads that absorb quickly and don’t leak.

They are nothing alike.


5 thoughts on “Why is the pantyliner talking about a bra?

  1. This is hystericalness and now I have to take a look in the store for bra liners. Pads are expensive enough without having to spend on the bra now too.

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