Fashion Trend: the big scarf, or is it a bib?

Am I the only one who looks at the scarf trend of the past few years and thinks, “One day you’ll look back on these photos and wonder why you were wearing a bib.”

If you are now thinking, “No, scarves are classics,” I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing as a classic.  Everything is a trend.

Yes, scarves have been around forever, but they weren’t always worn like giant bibs.  Sometimes they were worn as head scarves.  Or tied into bows.  Or were used as shawls, to warm the shoulders and neck.  Sometimes they were only worn by the elderly while the stylish let their necks grow cold.

It’s not just scarves.

What we now disparage as mom jeans were once the height of fashion.  The jeans of today will be laughed at one day, too.

“Redefined classic” isn’t the same as vintage classic.  A sheath dress from 1950 doesn’t look like one today.  Hemlines change.  Necklines change.  Bodies change.  Trends change.  It’s a variation on a theme, but the variation is what sells it.

If styles did not change, designers and retailers would go out of business because you wouldn’t want the latest thing.  Like a scarf that is worn like a bib.


10 thoughts on “Fashion Trend: the big scarf, or is it a bib?

  1. Ha! Too funny! I haven’t seen that look down here, perhaps as we don’t get a full fledged winter?? Or maybe we’ll see it this coming fall…..interesting. I can never keep up with all the ways to wear a scarf, and which way is supposed to be the right way. I focus my fashion energy on shoes; much easier.

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