I’m slipping off the low end of the learning curve.

I am neither high tech nor low tech.  I am slow tech.

Gone are the days when my parents sent me to the neighbors so I could install their Betamax VCRs and teach them how to use them.  That might have been my tech savvy high, actually.

Now I work my way slowly through the process of learning new devices never quite mastering them before they become obsolete.

My laptop is falling apart, so I am afraid to take it in my one allotted carry-on for my Thanksgiving holiday.  I decided, finally, that I should keep the iPad I won, and learn how to use it before departing.

Do not be surprised if my blog is silent next week.  I should have given myself a month to figure this thing out.

It took me an hour just to enter all the passwords and personal information Apple requires to configure the device.  I am pretty sure the people at Apple now know more about my past than my BFF.

How does aLyons type ona these things?

That sentence was typed with more than two fingers.  This device was not designed for those of us old enough to remember touch typing classes in the days before White-Out.  It is for those who were held computer technology in their hands before they lost all their baby teeth.

WordPress and iPad seem incompatible.  Editing the many typos is a Herculean task.  Inserting images is headache inducing. I can’t insert links because I can’t figure out how to cut and paste.  I’m giving up for the day and using the laptop to complete this post after hours of frustration.  I am leaving that one sentence for you to see my raw iPad capabilities.

Is there an App for age induced incompetence?  Hints, anyone?


11 thoughts on “I’m slipping off the low end of the learning curve.

  1. I use my ipad with the apple bluetooth keyboard and an Incase origami cover – which acts as a rest for the actual ipad.

    I love it but haven’t tried to blog from it very much – when I do I go through safari to blogger rather than using an app. But we have a friend who does use – Susan in the boonies blogs using her ipad or used to…

      • Yes I can cut and paste on the keyboard, to me it gives the best of both worlds – a touchable screen and a keyboard for typing. Apple stores do free classes and paid one on one tution that one friend of mine has adored. Her kids paid for it one birthday/christmas and have done a couple of other ones, she has a pass for so many hours and can book them in when she gets stuck. Rather than trying to explain what’s wrong to her far flung offspring 😉

        I have a Mac mini – it’s about the size of a CD portable machine and is my main desktop machine. You can plug in a keyboard/mouse and then learn to cut and paste. I taught someone else how to do that after saying, ‘it easy – you can go to the Quaker.org.uk website and just copy/paste the verses you want’, she looked seriously at me and said, ‘it does sound easy – now if only I knew what cut/paste was….’ 😳

        Enjoy your ipad.

  2. I love this term you invented: slow tech. I think it describes me well too. So many things I have barely learned to use moments before they are no longer used by anyone but me.

  3. i know what you mean about the cut and paste. my son bought a mac mini for me because every computer i ever had was hand-me-down from either him or my daughter. i am taking the mac class at the apple store on sunday, terrified that those apple guys will ask me to leave the store when my first question is “how the heck do you cut and paste on this thing?”….

    • There are classes? Are they free? I don’t even know what a Mac Mini is, but if you can attach a mouse or powerball to it, you can probably cut and paste using the right click. I’ve done that with Apple computers before.

      • they’re free but it depends on the instructor how good they are. just go to support, and follow the directions. it will tell you where and what classes they have. turns out i probably have a broken mouse…and all the time i thought it was me.

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