Travel Anxiety: Carry On or Not?

Today I am packing for my Thanksgiving holiday.  Well, I will be packing, later, after I’ve done laundry.  And goofed around a bit.  Okay, I’ll be packing my one carry-on ten minutes before I go to bed tonight.

I always leave packing until the last possible moment.   Why?

1.  If I packed days ahead of time, I’d have nothing to wear in the interim.
2.  It keeps me from overthinking what to pack.
3.  My dogs start panicking when they see the luggage come out of the closet.
4. I’m a procrastinator.

I think if I traveled with more, or to someplace that did not have a washer/dryer, I’d have to plan ahead a bit, but I’m a light traveler.  I have one suitcase that was sold as being carry-on size.  That is almost true.  It is just slightly bigger than regulation for carry-ons.

Every time I fly (which is not often), I worry that the flight crew will tell me to try to fit it in that little metal carry-on sizing device and then reject it because it doesn’t fit.

As I stand in the boarding queue, I eye the sizer, picturing myself shoving it in there as hard as I can, and then it getting stuck and not being able to get it back out while the rest of the travelers stare, either disgusted by my rule breaking or relieved that the jammed sizer will not be able to detect their own slightly big carry-ons.

My daughter would be mortified.

This trip, I’m flying Frontier, which charges for each checked bag, so I am especially concerned about that possibility.  My husband assures me that we could afford the $25, but if I am going to be charged for a bag, I want it to be huge, not a paltry inch too big.

If I knew I’d have to pay for a bag, I’d do my Christmas shopping this morning and take it all with me.  I’d pack small appliances that I rarely use and give them to my son.  (He was the only one who ever used the George Forman grill anyway, and I still have the ice shaver I bought him when he was 8? to make snow cones.)

Have you ever been forced to check a bag you’d hoped to carry-on?

If you have, warn me now.


8 thoughts on “Travel Anxiety: Carry On or Not?

  1. Well yes I have – but I fly often internationally and it tends to be different internally. That Ryanair flight to Germany made me nervous because that is how they make their money so challenge people often.

    For $25 tho’ – I think I’d take all the stuff from my house to my ds’s, I’m sure he needs a snow cone maker still!

  2. i love the part about the dogs…i have a cat, a cat my daughter had to have in college but couldn’t have once she moved to New York and certainly couldn’t take to Melbourne. He loves me only because i have moveable thumbs to open the cans of cat food. But he hates when i leave. Once, and only once, did i open the suitcase on the bed. I became distracted or confused by what i would pack and walked away. by the time i got back to it, he’d used it as a littler box and was sitting on the bed looking at me as if to say “now try to leave”. he never ever had had an accident in the house so i got the message. now i pack when he’s outside and hide the bag until the day i leave and feel foolish through the whole process.

  3. I don’t think I have ever had a carry on that was too big. I always worry though because I tend to have multiple carry ons like the actual carry on, my purse, a laptop, a bag of toys, a diaper bag…my husband gets to take on nothing.

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