Sunday Funnies, vol. 11

The comics are gone because….

Today is the first Sunday in Advent, so I will begin preparing for Christmas today.
I might not get the tree done, but the nativities will be set up.
When do you begin decorating?  Or are you done?

Hagar and I, we always have an excuse.

This is my life.  Trixie is good, but Jeb is a fiend with his meds.


I never repeat.

Donna Noble

If you watch Doctor Who, you will like this companion quiz.  My result:  Donna Noble.

You can sometimes come across as being quite loud-mouthed and brash, but when people get to know you it’s clear that deep down you’ve got a huge heart. While general knowledge isn’t your strong point, you’re the perfect person to come to with a problem as you’ll do anything in your power to help those that you love. You’re always ready for an adventure and take life as it comes.

If you take the quiz, please share your results.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies, vol. 11

  1. Yesterday, we cleared up the space where the tree will stand and today my boys will decorate the tree…with some supervision so that we won’t end up like last year where all the ornaments were separated out by color instead of mixed and mingled. LOL!

  2. I can’t stop laughing about the pill spitting dog. I have one of those too. We can bury the pill in peanut butter inside a hot dog surrounded by bread and he will still manage to separate the pill from the food and drop it on the floor. It is maddening!

    I have many Nativity scenes. I guess I have a collection. I inherited a few handmade ones from a friend who passed away. It’s funny because I am not what anyone would call a particularly religious person, but I have always been fascinated with the birth of Christs. I think the animals have something to do with that, but I enjoy the Nativity scenes. When I was a kid my grandmother had a manger scene with a naked baby Jesus in it and there was quite a controversy because my Great Grandmother was highly offended by the nudity. The baby Jesus soon had a tiny blanket made to cover him. It’s funny the stuff you remember from your childhood.

  3. my dog spit mine and my toddler ate it. poison control told me as long as she didn’t have heartworms i was fine…not helpful. my decorations come out a room at a time. last is the tree. i try to stop when the spirit starts being replaced by my evil twin.

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