Will there be a red-haired heir?

At the grocery last week, I saw the super-reliable celebrity rags proclaiming Will & Kate are expecting.  (It has now been confirmed that a baby is on the way.)

I said to my husband, “I wonder if they’ll have a redhead. That would make the queen happy.”  He gave me the you’re-cute-when-you’re-crazy look.

I said, “Come on, you know the queen was happy when she got a redheaded grandson. Who doesn’t want redheaded grandchildren?”

At which point the cashier and other customer in line gave me a you’re-just-plain-crazy look.

What?  I know I’m not the only one.https://i2.wp.com/www.englishmonarchs.co.uk/images/stewart/elizabeth_i_rainbow.jpg

Really, though, it is time for another  redheaded monarch in England.  Who was the last one?

Was it Elizabeth I?  That long ago?

Or was one of the Hanoverian kings, perhaps George III, a carrot top underneath that powdered wig?  This lock of his grey hair looks like there is a slight reddish hint to it.

I don’t really follow the royals, so I’ve no idea if Kate Middleton has any red headed relatives, thus increasing the chance at a ginger haired heir, but if they do, you heard it here first.

Any baby predictions for William and Katherine? Boy or Girl?  Blonde, brunette, or redhead?


2 thoughts on “Will there be a red-haired heir?

  1. This is so funny to me and yes I want them to have a red haired baby. I have always wanted red hair. Not dyed red, but real red hair. It’s so pretty. I thought my daughter was going to be a red head (her dad was until his turned brown) but her hair turned blond.

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