Sunday Funnies, vol. 12

Where did the comics go?


Tracy Reese/Pantone/Emerald

Pantone has announced the colour of the year for 2013:  Emerald.  The rest of the spring fashion forecast is here (or click the picture at right).  If you are thinking, “Wow, Ginger Kay must be so fashionable that she follows these trends,” you are sadly mistaken.  I like looking at the photos from the comfort of my home; I’m an armchair fashionista.  My real life is closer to the comic strip below.

That’s fine, because I do not think there is a single colour in Pantone’s spring forecast that would look good with my complexion.  I should have stocked up on olive t-shirts when they were still popular a couple years ago.  On the other hand, it looks like everything will flatter my daughter next spring, so maybe we should stock up for her.

One last thing:  you can enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card here.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies, vol. 12

  1. since i’m sitting here in my daughters cast off sweater, leggings and sneakers all i can say is i’m glad she has good taste. although there was the animal print year, when that phase was outgrown, those castoffs went straight to good will…

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