What colour are your Christmas tree lights?

Growing up, our Christmas tree and our home was always strung with colourful lights.  Most of the other houses in our neighborhood were, too, but I always loved to see those rare monochromatic houses.

My favorite houses were all blue, a rare sight in the early 70’s.  I also liked the all white houses.  I was never a fan of the blinking lights, regardless of colour.

When I moved into my own place, I bought white lights for my Christmas tree.   They reminded me of stars, and I loved the simplicity of them.

I had my white lighted Christmas tree for several years.  Then, one year, when visiting my mom, my  firstborn child sighed, “She has the most beautiful Christmas tree in the whole world…it has ALL the colours.”

That was the last year I used the white lights.  I bought strands of multi-coloured lights at the post-Christmas clearance sales, and never returned to the white lights.

Every child should feel like their tree is the most beautiful, right?

That child is now twenty-two, and I still think of his words whenever I look at my tree of many colours.

But when these burn out, I might buy white again.

What about you?  What’s on your tree?


8 thoughts on “What colour are your Christmas tree lights?

  1. When I had the opportunity to get all white lights on my first I’m-a-married-grown-up tree, I did. (We had always had colored ones on our tree when I was a little girl.) My husband requested colored ones at some point and now we have those. Our lights have the added benefit of different blink-y settings, that on a number 3 can probably cause an epileptic attack.

      • Not sure if they’re LED, but the frenetic, spastic blinking is disconcerting and hardly encourages the peaceful environment I want to create. 🙂 Of course, my youngest loves them. Hubby though, has thwarted his disco tree dreams this year by substituting one strand of regular lights so he could plug in all of his talking Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments. Nothing says Christmas like Mr. Spock wishing you Happy Holidays.

  2. i have big colored lights. i love them. santa decorated our tree because my dad was obsessed and didn’t want any little hands wrecking his perfect tree. but it was magical to go to bed looking at the unadorned tree and wake up to see what santa had done. i had to go to the cooler lights last year because i leave the tree up as long as possible and once in awhile i’d see a spark or hear it a crackle. not that anyone would be surprised if they heard that i died cause my tree caught fire at the end of january…

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