This is not how you regain trust in a relationship.

Would you find it suspicious to receive a package that lists one of your children as the shipping and billing address?  Knowing that said child did not order it?

My husband thinks I over-reacted.  Tell me what you think.

I was 99% certain who sent it, but there was that 1% of me that was thinking I should put it out in the yard away from the house in case it was a bomb.

Am I the only one who thinks like that?

UPS delivered the package just before we left for church on Christmas Eve, so I didn’t pull the shipping label until 10:00pm.  The box was plain brown, but the shipping label (a folded piece of standard paper with the faded low-ink look of a home printer) said the box was from Sears.  (Anyone could cut and paste a logo onto the top of a piece of paper, right?)

I’m phone averse, so I went online.  The customer service chat window showed me a photo of all-American-girl-next-door Randy, but I’m fairly certain I was chatting with a very polite Randisha half a world away.

Randy and I went several rounds of me explaining that I had not ordered anything from Sears, and I wanted to verify that the package had, indeed, been sent by Sears, followed by Randy asking for the billing address, then telling me there was no record of an order from my address.

I was beginning to wonder if Randy was an automated responder.  I’m still not sure, but eventually, she/he/it seemed to grasp that the billing address was not helping and moved on to asking for other sets of numbers on the packing label.

After several tries, Randy verified that Sears had sent the package, and after a bit more coaxing told me who the sender was, but would not tell me what was in the box.

I thought that was amusing.  The one thing she would not tell me was the only thing I could have learned by opening the package.

Although I am certain that Randy has no say over Sears’ policies, I told her that I found it creepy that Sears would allow senders to list recipients as the billing name/address.

Of course the package was from the sender whom I suspected.  I think this has pushed her over into the creepy stalker category.

Who sends anonymous packages to minors in this day and age????  Even if, for some strange reason, you wanted to send a child a “secret admirer” gift, wouldn’t you send an email to her parents telling them to expect a package?  You know, so the gift seemed sweet, not creepy.  (I send packages to my nieces and nephews for holidays and birthdays, but I always email their parents so they know to expect a box from Amazon and tell them what should be inside.)

Obviously, my relationship with this sender is already strained and weird.  I’m not going to delve into the reasons for that today, but suffice it to say, spending an hour of my Christmas Eve wondering if I should hang up on Randy and call the bomb squad has done nothing to improve it.


13 thoughts on “This is not how you regain trust in a relationship.

  1. Having the recipient name as the send to/shipping address seems normal. Having the recipient name as the billing address seems odd, but *could* have been a mistake…..maybe? It can be easy to accidentally check the box/not uncheck the box that says “bill to same as ship to” when ordering.

    However, not giving the parents a heads-up that a gift is coming for their child….that is definitely odd. We shipped gifts to lots of family this year, and did make the Shipping Address the name/address of each recipient (so that the wrong person didn’t open and see the gift early, as we didn’t do gift wrap). We did, however, tell all adults to expect xyz gifts coming from abc store, when they shipped, etc.

    • The anonymity wasn’t a mistake. It requires more steps, because you have to give your billing information (credit card, billing address), then request that it not be shown to the recipient. This was just a new method of manipulation from someone who had already crept over the line.

      You send things the way I do.

  2. Oh, that is creepy then. I was thinking of Amazon where, when you enter the credit card number, there’s a box to use the shipping address as the billing address; you have to uncheck the box (I think?) and enter the new info. Maybe I have that backwards though and it’s “use bill to for shipping”…..anyway, yes, the situation you described was totally odd. I misunderstood and thought it had put your dd’s name as the bill to also, as an error.

  3. I can’t understand why you would want to hide who you are as the gift giver. I mean, why wouldn’t you want that person to know you sent it? It is weird. If you are having creepy feelings stemming from before this I’d pay attention to that. Especially with kids. I mean, it’s even creepier to send anonymous stuff to kids. I wouldn’t like that either.

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