Had any brilliant ideas lately?

I invented the gingersnap icebox cupcake yesterday.  Layer thin gingersnaps (I used Nyakers) and whipped cream in a custard cup or what have you.  Refrigerate a few hours.  Eat.  It’s good.

(I learned about icebox cakes watching Mr. Rogers as a child.  He made one with chocolate wafers one day.)

I’m not going to google it, but I am fairly certain that thousands before me have invented the gingersnap icebox cake.  That’s how it always happens:  I have a brilliant idea, then learn that it is already in production.

For example, the credit card accepting parking meters – my idea!  I thought of them when searching for quarters for a meter one day at the city library.  Told my husband.  He said they had them in other cities.  A year later, I was sliding my card through a meter by the library.

I know I’m not the only one.  What did you invent (after it had already been invented by someone else)?


4 thoughts on “Had any brilliant ideas lately?

  1. snack sized Pringles cans. Seriously. I called the Comment line on the label of a regular sized can and told them they really needed small cans that would fit in a lunch box. A few months later, they were available in my city. Too soon after my comment for me to actually deserve any credit, but it was fun anyway. For a time I collected the snack-sized cans (I was in college, what can I say…) and I still delight in telling my boys that it was MY idea. Followed soon after by “..and probably a million other people’s, but still….” 😉 It is definitely fun!

  2. There was a thing once, but I can’t remember. It’s like all of the good ideas have been taken. I love Gingersnaps…guess what I will be making tomorrow?

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