Not quite resolutions

I’m not making resolutions, but I spent fifteen minutes today thinking about the year ahead – keeping my expectations low, so if I change course or abandon them later in the year, or next week, I won’t mind.

  1. Take more photos.
    Take photos of the ordinary, everyday moments of my life.
    Be bossier and make my family pose for more flattering photos.
  2. Print some of the photos.  Send them to my mom.
    Even if they are bad.
  3. Figure out how to transfer fifteen years of snapshots
    into a digital format.
  4. Be more generous.
    As much as I can, show grace to those who need it.
  5. Let go.  Forgive.
    Let go of bad relationships.  Without anger or regret.
    Disengage from commitments that I dread.
  6. Show people I love them.
    Send cards to the people who care about cards.
    Post on the FB walls of people who care about FB.
    Send my son a care package at least once each semester.
  7. Leave my house more often.
    Talk to strangers at church.
  8. Think of a regular Sunday blog topic.
  9. Get a physical.
  10. Celebrate more special occasions with my daughter.
    With pie, cake, or small presents.
    Make up holidays if needed.

That’s all I could think of in fifteen minutes.

I think the seventh will be the most challenging for me.  It’s weird (even to me), but I am more likely to talk to strangers in the grocery store or library than I am at church.  I’m fairly certain that 7b will be the first item dropped from this list.

I’m still looking for input about my Sunday posts.

Here is an unrelated photo, which I took yesterday.  (Day one of taking more photos – success!)


6 thoughts on “Not quite resolutions

  1. I’m with you on #1, especially this: “Be bossier and make my family pose for more flattering photos.” My daughter tends to throw her hands in front of her face when she knows I’m taking a picture.

    • I think I’ve been too timid about posing, just happy that they are willing to stand in front of the camera. I’m hoping that if they see better photos of themselves, they will not be offended by being bossed around.

  2. The ‘one family photo a month’ project worked well last year and we’re repeating it this year.

    The Digi Show podcast had a bit on places you can send photos away to have them scanned. I’ve thought about it but then also decided that actually most of the photos I have in boxes are in boxes because they were film and therefore I didn’t delete ’em on the camera or when I uploaded. I probably wouldn’t have printed them.

    My goal for this year then is to sort through, pull out some and scan them. Not all, not just the ones I’ll scrap but some. Want to have some to send away with Princess when she goes to uni loaded onto a digital frame…

    Good luck with the rest…

    • This probably sounds crazy, but I think I still have the negatives of every photo I took of my boys. I’m not sure if they are still usable, because they’ve been stored in basements.

      I’ve enjoyed your family portraits. I think that is a great idea.

  3. Great list. Leave the house more, be more generous and gracious…letting go of things that do not please you. I need to work on these too. Especially leave the house more. The introvert in me has taken over. I’ve gotten to where I don’t even want to call people on the phone. Not having a job outside of the home makes it easier to live like a hermit. I really should work on that more this year!

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