It’s too soon for this.

Yet, there they were.

My craving for Peanut Butter Cups drew me to the candy aisle.  I looked at the dozen varieties of PBCups.  None were quite right.

I noticed one I’d never seen before; it was like a double-stuffed version of a Reese’s.  Almost, that sounded almost right, so I picked it up.

Then put it back.

Resigned, I turned away from the candy, thinking that it would only be another month before they appeared.

Turning the corner, I walked right into them.  The display of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Eggs.

It’s too soon for this!  I haven’t even eaten any St. Valentine’s Day candy yet.

I caved to the craving.



18 thoughts on “It’s too soon for this.

  1. I’d like to garner sympathy by pointing out that although I *can* buy extortionetly expensive regular PB Cups, most of them have European chocolate rather than American and we don’t get the different varieties.

    Did buy an even more extortionately expensive Reeses Xmas tree – at about $3 as a treat before Christmas while picking up stocking bits at Cyber Candy tho.

    • That is sad. If you lived near a US base, you could probably get someone to buy them for you at the PX, but, otherwise, I guess Reese’s are to you what Lindt is to me: special occasion.

  2. hey ginger, where did you find those exactly? i saw a display at my stater brothers recently, but they were only for the large single ones. i’d kill for a pack of the snack sized ones.

    • It seems like in the past few years, there is not as much candy left after the holidays as there used to be. Are people buying more, or do the stores stock less now? I don’t know.

  3. Those peanut butter eggs are one of my favorite. They are near impossible to resist! I haven’t seen any Easter candy on display yet, but I am sure it won’t be long.

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