Free Books, Anyone?

I am a reader.  I love reading.  I love talking about what I’ve read.  I love hearing about what others have read.  (Unless it is trash.  Just being honest.)

So, when I heard about World Book Night, imagine my excitement.  They want to give away free books, and they are looking for people who want to help.

I want to help!  Pick me, pick me!

Take a look at the twenty-three titles they’re printing this year, and pick your top three, then fill out the application form.

The deadline to apply is January 25th, so don’t dawdle.

If I get chosen, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. There’s no guarantee, though, as they try to spread the books out both geographically and by availability of the books requested.

For my readers in the UK, here is the World Book site for you.


6 thoughts on “Free Books, Anyone?

  1. thanks for sharing this. i too am an avid reader. next up is anna karenina. i have no desire to see the movie but the trailer made me think i should read the book. lucky for me, in my son’s wall to ceiling bookshelf-there is a copy.

    • I read it in high school, but barely remember it. I’d like to see the movie, because I’ve heard it is visually stunning, but I’ll wait until it makes it to Netflix.

  2. so i got down the book from the shelf. it’s warm here today so i brought a glass of water and a snack out to the porch. snuggled in to the rocker and opened the book. it was in german…on to the library…

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