The Early Bird Gets What?

All my life, I’ve been an Early Bird.

However, that does not mean what it used to mean.  It used to mean waking up and immediately starting my day.  Lately, it means I wake up, get out of bed, take care of the dogs, then curl up under a blanket on the sofa, barely awake for the next two hours.

It’s pathetic.  I do not stay up any later than I ever did, and I am “waking” at the same time, so I know I am getting enough sleep.

Saturday night, I went to bed thinking that I should bake a cake and make macaroni and cheese before going to church on Sunday.  Our service starts late – 10:30 – so I have plenty of time in the morning.

Sunday morning, I was sorely tempted to curl up on the sofa with my laptop, but I wanted to go to the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon.  The downside to such a late worship service is that it’s past noon by the time we get home.  I needed to have lunch ready when we got home.  So I baked the cake.  Then I made the mac and cheese.  I still had time to goof off online, too.

Not only was I not tired, I wasn’t cold, either, because instead of sitting on my butt, I was moving around.

Like I used to do every day.

The truth is, I’ve become idle in the morning because I can be.  I don’t need to get chores out of the way before starting the school day.  I don’t have little ones who need my care in the morning, or anyone that needs to be coaxed out of bed into action.  I don’t have to drive anyone anywhere in the morning, and I don’t need to get myself ready for work.

I am no longer in the habit of being productive before 9:00am.

This morning, inspired by my new insight, I decided to start the day with productivity and clean bathrooms while my daughter was getting ready for school.

She left the house without saying good morning or good bye!

She’s never done that before!  Ever!

When I’m sitting on the sofa with my blanket and laptop, she always comes in to say good morning, ask a question or two, and always shouts out an, “I’m leaving, Mom!” before walking out the door.   I always shout back, “Have a great day, Sweetpea!”

Since I was busy, she left without a word.

So my bathroom is clean, but my heart feels a bit empty.  Not a good trade.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be sitting on the sofa with my blanket and laptop.

How do you start your day?


10 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets What?

  1. I’m always up before my husband and really enjoy my quiet, alone time with my coffee, the dogs and Twitter. I’ve never been an early bird although I enjoy the dawn of a new day. Lately I’ve become that old lady that wakes up @ 6:30 – no matter what day it is or how late I stayed up. But I also enjoy a good nap so it all works out. 🙂

  2. Oh yes I’d take happy hearts over clean bathrooms.

    I love my morning quiet but only get it at weekends rarely. We still have productive stuff that has to be done – can you be productive but around so she sees you? Offer to make her breakfast or something? Wookie makes drinks, I make lunches, Princess sorts her school stuff. I like that being together time too.

  3. Aww…that made my heart sink for you. Yeah, you need to just hang out and be lazy in the mornings. No harm in that, but harm to the heart if you don’t.

    I start my mornings by doing stuff online…then I end up there most of the day. I need a new routine, for sure. Maybe I’ll grab a blanket and snuggle up on the sofa tomorrow.

    • That often happens to me, too! I need to be better about either setting myself a time limit or not getting online until I’ve taken care of a few other things first. The latter seems more attainable for me.

  4. my morning always starts with coffee and quiet. i vote for lazy. that bathroom will always be there to clean. of course i have a sticker on my fridge that says “my only domestic quality is that i live in a house” so mine might not be the best advice!

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