Dogs on the Furniture (on Pinterest)

Do you use Pinterest?  I joined it a couple years ago, and find it just as appealing as the cut-from-catalog paper dolls I played with as a girl.

I also enter contests on it, which means I have some odd boards.

My most followed Pinterest board is one that did not win me a Kate Spade Vespa last spring.  Sometimes I delete my unrewarded efforts at winning prizes, but not usually.  This one sat unnoticed for months, until, for reasons unknown to me, people started following it this winter.

I wish the people at Vespa would notice and be impressed and give me a consolation scooter this spring, but in the meantime, I am entertaining myself with my current favorite Pinterest board:  Dogs on the Furniture.

Yes, I have a board devoted to the pictures I run across featuring other people’s dogs lounging on their sofas, beds, chairs, and sometimes tables.

Although you might not guess it upon seeing my home, I enjoy looking at design books and blogs.  When someone with a beautiful home shares a photo of their dogs on the furniture, I pin it.

Trixie Sunbathing on the Table @AFadedGingerIt makes me feel chic and stylish when I later catch Trix sunbathing on the sofa table.  (That’s her, “What, Mom?  You’re not mad at me, are you?” pose, because she really does know she is not supposed to be napping on tables.)

If you have a photo of your dog on the furniture on your blog or website, share the link with me in the comments.  I will pin your dog to my board, so you, too, can feel trendy and sophisticated when Fido takes over your favorite chair.

If you want to share, I’ll look at your favorite Pinterest board, too (G and PG only).


12 thoughts on “Dogs on the Furniture (on Pinterest)

  1. lol, I can produce plenty of photos with my dog Sasha on the furnature lol. But I don’t know about it’s elegance in my case. I do like your unique hobby of collecting these photos. I can see how that something like this could be really trendy. Makes me want to think of something unique and conversational to collect. xx

  2. Oh our cats know they aren’t allowed on tables and kitchen counters so instead of the slightly quizzical look Trixie is giving you I get the ears back panicked, ‘what? How did that happen? This Table just appeared under my feet’ look. Although I have to say that hasn’t happened in a while – they’re getting better at getting off or staying off. Although Little Miss did try to walk across the table to get to Wookie the other day and got told off.

    Both are allowed on the family couch, Princess’s couch and Princess & Ewok’s beds.

    Glad you’ve found a hobby 🙂

    • Your cats are better than mine was. Mine wasn’t supposed to be on the kitchen counters, but evidence suggested that she interpreted that to mean “only play on the kitchen counters when everyone is asleep or not home.”

    • I pinned your dog to my board. It’s nice to know my dog isn’t the only one who climbs up on tables. I’ve already been following your boards; you pin great images.

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