Mating Season?

Love was not in the air.

She is not impressed. via A Faded Ginger

These two suitors were expressing great interest,
but their lady friends were not impressed.
At least not yesterday.

Lovesick Polar Bear via A Faded Ginger

Maybe today will be their day.  I hope so.
I’d like to see baby polar bears!

Do you know the gestation period for polar bears?
Anywhere between 190-260 days.

Aren’t you glad your due date wasn’t that vague?


6 thoughts on “Mating Season?

  1. Those polar bears are adorable. I once saw a baby elephant at the zoo in DC. I think I was 16. It died a few months later and I remember being heart broken over it. The baby was so playful and cute running under it’s mothers legs. It must have gotten sick or something. Now that I have read so much about Elephant culture and family life I feel so sad for the mother.

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