St. Valentine’s Day – Isn’t it kinda fun?

Do you do anything special for St. Valentine’s Day?

My husband doesn’t really like holidays, but I enjoy spreading a little extra love in honor of St. Valentine.  I like to make homemade cards for him and my kids, or buy them something sweet.  Nothing big, just a little something to remind them how much I love them?

Sweets aren’t as special now, but when they were little, and I did not routinely keep candy in the house, they were a big deal to my children.

This week, I want to put together a care package for my son who lives on a campus back east.  I’ve already bought him a water bottle, and I’ll include some of his favorite candies and a grocery store gift card.  I might bake cookies, but, then again, I might not.  I’m also sending him photos of his dog.  (Costco sells those great Contigo water bottles in a three pack for $20.)

My mom is also getting a handmade card and photos of her grandchildren.  She’ll be surprised, because I rarely send cards in the mail.

I printed off some vintage Valentines for the occasion.  (I love vintage Valentines; I have a few framed that I enjoy all year round.)  I’ll send Valentine’s to my sister and nieces, too.

For you, I will be sharing vintage, not so serious, love songs every Sunday this month, starting with this one, “Isn’t It Kinda Fun,” by Rogers and Hammerstein.  This clip is from the original film version  of State Fair.  (State Fair was their only production not written for the stage.  There was a later version filmed in the 60’s, and it was pretty awful.  So if you’re going to watch one, watch the 1945 production.)

You may have noticed the blog’s new look.  That was a Valentine for myself.  This time of year, surrounded by brown, I crave flowers.  The cherry blossoms I photographed last spring seemed the perfect pick-me-up.


6 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day – Isn’t it kinda fun?

  1. i loved the little shoeboxes we would cover with tissue paper and paper hearts, making them in to mailboxes in school for those silly little cards. when the kids were small, valentines day meant the circus. now i still send a card and a treat. i love the day for some reason.

  2. I like Valentine’s Day too, but nothing big. I mean, I don’t want anything big or to do anything big. My husband and I keep it simple.I always give candy and a card to my mom, sister, husband, daughter and in-laws. This year I sent a few cards to friends too. I don’t think of it as a romantic holiday really, but one where you just let people know you care about them. This year I am making cupcakes for my husband to take to work too and my daughter and I might make a few sugar cookies for her to give to my mom.

    Where did you find the vintage cards? I would love to get my hands on a couple of those!

    • Baked goods and simple cards are just my style. I really celebrate an elementary school version of St. Valentine’s Day. I don’t think of it in terms of romance at all.

      I think I put a link in to the site from which I grabbed the vintage cards. I just pasted them into a word document and printed them out.

  3. I went to see Top Hat the musical here in London last week with some friends – a pick me up distraction which was lovely. Definitely understand the appeal of musicals and fluffiness during the war years…

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