Call Me Irresponsible

I was not one of the 20% of Americans who bought her pets a gift for St. Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t leave them out of the Sunday Song love.

My dogs bring so much joy to my life.  Mine are definitely not the well trained, working dog type.  Mine are devoted companions who think everything I do is fascinating, but who will steal my lunch if I leave it unattended.

Neither managed to steal food last week, but Jeb ate a bird.  My daughter reported finding him at it.  We’ve no idea if it was dead first or he caught it.  The former seems more likely.  He did not get sick or show any ill effects.  Between that and the snotty tissues he stole, he had a good week.

Tell me about your pets.  One thing that makes them Valentine worthy or not.

(Call Me Irresponsible was written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn.  The singer is an employee of the company that made the video; his name wasn’t credited.)


8 thoughts on “Call Me Irresponsible

  1. Our dog loves to steal napkins and Kleenex, sleeps with us (she weights 100 pounds), knows who to go to when for snacks/treats/extra food/chew sticks/Frosty Paws, and gets very very very very excited when the doorbell rings or the UPS truck appears out front. I guess that makes her a typical dog.

  2. My dogs are not Valentine worthy, except for the fact they are just that, my dogs. Not sure that makes sense or not, but just in the way that my human babies aren’t perfect, yet they are my babies so I love them to pieces, so it goes with the dogs. Even though they steal my food, shed even more than I do, etc. 😉

    We aren’t dog spoilers (much), but we sure do love these crazy beasts.

  3. as the cat lover in the group, my cat is the cat my daughter had to have in college. he loves little furry mice. every night when i go to bed, they are no where to be found. every morning they are piled in to his food bowl. i guess he wants me to believe he is a fearless hunter and the big cat he imagines himself to be. he got chicken for valentines day.

  4. Oh, this is so sweet! “Mine are devoted companions who think everything I do is fascinating, but who will steal my lunch if I leave it unattended.” Yup.

    I ask my husband, “what do people who don’t have dogs do? How do they live? How do they manage? 🙂

    Can’t imagine coming home and not being enthusiastically greeted by my three!

    This was fun- thanks! 🙂

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