Motivation for weight loss? No, but…

I ran across this site on Pinterest yesterday.  Model My Diet allows you to make an image of yourself based on your current height and weight, and one based on your goal weight.

Although I’m not on a diet, I couldn’t resist comparing my current and (self determined) ideal weights.  Maybe it would even motivate me to eat fewer sweets.

At left is the virtual me.  Or, it is me if my skin were still as firm as it was at thirty.  My skin is rapidly losing elasticity, and no amount of exercise or dieting is going to change that genetic heritage.

So, what would I look like if I lost twenty pounds?

That’s the thinner me on the right.

Twenty pounds lighter and I did not even lose the double chin!

Not motivational.

I played around with it, to see how much I would need to lose to have a single chin.  Forty pounds.  That’s how much I weighed at my first prenatal visit, over twenty-one years ago.  I have not seen it since.

Funnier, though, was that no matter how much weight the virtual me lost, her breasts stayed the same size.  I wish.

Still, the Model My Diet simulator did inspire me.

While I was trying to get rid of my virtual double chin, I set the weight at known points in my history: my weight in college; my weight at my first prenatal visit; my weight after that second baby, when I could not get rid of those last ten pounds and felt FAT.

That’s virtual me, post-baby, feeling fat.  Granted, my stomach was a bit poochier than that, and it was covered with stretch marks (still is), but over all, it’s pretty accurate.

I look at her and wish I’d not cared whether I’d ever lose those last ten pounds and just enjoyed the body I had.

Which is good advice for me today, too, and, maybe, for you.


32 thoughts on “Motivation for weight loss? No, but…

  1. Oh, how well I know the Fat-dating Game: “I weighed xxx when my first child was born…then xxx when I was in grad school…xxx in this picture….” It’s such an incredible waste of time and energy, and it makes me sad for all of us who’ve been sucked into it. I agree with Sharon–we really should try to appreciate where we are, while we’re here!
    Thanks for an excellent post.

  2. Very interesting! Sort of like my before and after pictures when I lost 50 pounds a while back, but you are so right about the saggy skin problem… no solution there! I use my distorted full-length mirror for the same effect. Twenty ugly pounds just gone!

  3. This is so strange and yet I have to try it too. I am glad I don’t have to put an actual picture in. I was thinking it could be used in the opposite way too. How many candy bars can I eat before I get a triple chin…if it’s 5 then I can eat 4.

  4. I found myself changing the hair color and contemplating a background before I realized I wasn’t going to keep it. Too funny! I feel like it represented what I look like (shape wise) quite well which is kind of impressive. I don’t know if I will ever have my pre-baby weight back, but like you said I will still have stretch marks and saggy parts anyway. I am also trying to just be happy that my body functions well and that I am mostly healthy.

  5. Very true – we should enjoy the bodies we have and just take care of them, no matter what shape they are! I battled my weight all of my life. I wish I’d just focused on my health, instead, instead of constantly looking for shortcuts or magic potions. Sigh.

  6. obviously the model-me is based on those of us who wish we could lose cupsizes. I remember seeing something similar ages ago and being amazed at how smooth the skin was. You then put the various outfits you chose on so you had an idea of how things would look. Fun but occasionally depressing.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I do such a fine job of self-judging that I don’t usually bother with what others think, but I do agree with you about focusing on enjoying our lives, not obsessing over our weight.

  7. it’s really good advice – why we can so often feel unhappy with our current weight or age, and look back to see how splendid we actually were. So, you’re right, it’s good to remember that we’re pretty splendid right now. I’m going to check out that site now – interesting.

  8. That IS great advice. And now I want to create a virtual me. I doubt it will motivate me on a daily basis, but I AM curious! p.s. you are BEAUTIFUL in all of those pictures.

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