At Last

The last Valentine song is for my husband, who is away this week.  I love you, and hope I did not give you the flu.  If I did, I hope you are recovered before you come home.  😉

It’s also for any of you who are waiting and lonely, single or married.  I’m praying for you this week.


9 thoughts on “At Last

  1. I think I love this song and as for the flu, this past week has been horrid with my family all having the stomach flu, not to mention having the regular flu prior to that. Hope your husband doesn’t get it either!

    • The stomach flu is what I think of as the flu, which is why I kept calling this “a really bad cold” until I succumbed to the lure of WedMD, which pointed out that days of fever, splitting head and body aches, and extreme fatigue were not cold symptoms. I hope your family is done being sick for the rest of winter.

  2. i remember sitting on my dad’s shoulders in a record store while he listened to this on a 45 in a record store. he bought this, Johnny Mathis When Sunny Gets Blue/Chances Are and Elvis Presley Ain’t Nothin but a Hound Dog. Nice memory.

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