Are you too old or too young for fairy tales?

C.S. Lewis, on fairy tales

Every Wednesday on Facebook, I ask, “Whatcha Reading?”

I love hearing about what others are reading, whether it is something I’d read myself or not.

Among other things, I’ve been re-reading fairy tales, one or two tales from Grimm’s each night.  It’s like a late night snack of comfort reading.

Fairy Tales, Auden


One of my childhood favorites was Snow White and Rose Red.  I had one of those children’s book club by mail editions with bright illustrations which made it easy to imagine myself as Rose Red and my sister as Snow White.

I was always disappointed that my parents planted forsythia instead of red and white rose bushes.

Parents can be so prosaic.

Albert Einstein quote on fairy tales

I read fairy tales to my own children, too.  My boys loved fairy tales, especially ones involving horrible deaths and the meting out of justice to the cruel.

In our house, we only read versions where lazy pigs were eaten by wolves and evil witches danced themselves to death.

I waited a long time for a daughter who would appreciate bears who turn into princes and happily ever afters.

Of course, she favored the gory parts, too.

Did you read fairy tales as a child?  Did you have a favorite?

(I made the fairy tale posters while I was laying around sick last week.  The first two illustrations are by Virginia Frances Sterrett, in a book that can be found here.  The last is by Harry Clarke, and can be found here.)


13 thoughts on “Are you too old or too young for fairy tales?

  1. I did indeed read fairy tales; my favourite was Tales of a Fairy Court by Andrew Lang. It was an edition my grandmother’s uncle gave her for her 10th birthday, in 1908. In 1967, she passed it on to me on my 10th; and in 2004, I gave it to my daughter when she, too, turned 10.

    • Yes! Another Snow White and Rose Red fan! 🙂

      I always find it sad when children (or adults) only know the Disney movies. They’re missing so much by not having heard or read the classic tales.

  2. I love the posters you made. I’m feeling like a bad mom as I don’t recall reading fairy tales to my girls. Which is crazy, considering how much we used to read together, one girl on each side and one in my lap. Perhaps my memory is just failing me; I’ll have to ask my daughters if they remember us reading them together.

  3. I read the real ones as a child. My Grandpa gave me a book when I was a kid that I have since lost track of. I remember the girl with the red shoes who couldn’t stop dancing and had to have her feet cut off…also Black Beard. Both scary. Their was The Little Match Girl that made me cry. I remember Snow White and Red Red Rose well too.

  4. Honestly, Snow White and Rose Red was my very favorite as a child, too! I haven’t thought about the story in years, though. You have inspired me to go find it on the bookshelves where the children’s books are (waiting for grandchildren???) and bring it to my nightstand. Love the posters, btw.

  5. Oh we read the blue, green and red Lang books plus many many more – I collected fairy stories for many years. Snow White & Rose Red, lazy pigs being eaten by wolves and proper endings as Princess used to call it 🙂 I remembered those posters and they made me smile – thanks for posting them again.

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