Reading makes me look bad.

You probably recognize this Nat King Cole classic.  Did you know that John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons wrote the lyrics, in 1954, to go with an instrumental piece written by Charlie Chaplin for his 1936 movie Modern Times?
Failure is unimportant.  It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.Chaplin really was a genius, wasn’t he?  I’m a fan.  Have you seen any of his movies?

I’m not actually a believer in hiding every sadness.  Sad things are sad, I say, so let yourself be sad over them.

However, I also believe in choosing happiness whenever and where ever we can.  And I believe that when we fall down, the only thing worth doing is standing back up, laughing at ourselves, learning from our mistakes, and moving on.

I am an essentially happy person, yet, I have to admit, I’m not a smiley person.  My “normal” expression is more dour than I feel.  I never knew this until I had a daughter.

What does this have to do with reading?

Thank goodness she’s outgrown this stage, but we spent a year at the beginning of adolescence where this conversation took place regularly, when my girl entered the room while I was reading:

“Nevermind, you’re angry.”
“I’m not angry.”
“You’re frowning at me.”
“I’m not frowning.”
“You look angry.”
“I’m not angry.”
“You have lines on your head like you’re angry, and your mouth…”
“I’m not angry.  I’m old.  When you get old, you get wrinkles and your mouth droops.’

Apparently, I knit my brow when I read, so I do have prominent vertical lines between my brows, making me look cross.

I don’t know what to blame for the droopy mouth.  I probably need to laugh at myself more often.


8 thoughts on “Reading makes me look bad.

  1. Thanks for the good answers to “you look angry.” Now I know why daughter thinks this and I can explain it. Nat King Cole’s Ramblin’ Rose reminds me of lying on the beach with my little friends, their mother who took us there, and summer.

  2. I do the same thing when I read. I must be concentrating really hard. I have those lines between my brows too. I think I am going to go look for some Charlie Chaplin movies on Netflix too!

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