Daylight Savings with Dogs

Dogs do not understand daylight savings time.I am not a fan of the whole Daylight Savings Time thing, but this year, I feel like it came not a moment too soon.

Jebediah has been waking me at 6am every morning for the past two weeks.  I don’t feed him until 7am, because he eats twice a day; feeding him early just means he craves dinner early.

It would become a vicious cycle of ever earlier waking if it were left to him, meals creeping from twelve hour intervals to eleven, ten, nine, eight hour intervals.  As if he doesn’t get enough snacks during the day.

So I get up with the dogs at six, then try not to make eye contact while I make them wait an hour for breakfast.

Since dogs don’t understand Daylight Savings Time, that means he’ll stop waking up an hour earlier than he’s allowed to eat.

It’ll only last a month or so.  In the summer, he wakes with the sun.  That’s okay.  I don’t mind getting up at dawn.  I just hate feeling like I’m getting up in the middle of the night – especially those nights that Trixie needs an emergency 3am potty break.

Of course, when we Fall Back, that means Jeb will be waking me at 6am again.  For a week.

What do you think of Daylight Savings Time?  Love it or hate it?



10 thoughts on “Daylight Savings with Dogs

  1. lol, I don’t know how it has happened, but since the time change, my dog Sasha is sleeping in but I am waking up even earlier lol. I like it because it gives me a chance to wake up and get coffee first before having to go out and walk her. I usually walk her in my sleep practically lol. It sure isn’t any fun in the cold either 😉

  2. I actually love daylight savings time when it starts. By the time it ends, I’m glad, because as long as it’s light I feel I need to be doing stuff and I end up going to bed really late!

  3. Oh, those dogs and their habits! Our two get up with the son or whenever they hear us stirring or whenever the spirit moves them. They demand their walk by 7:30AM, day in day out so the time change has little impact around our house.

  4. I want to get rid of the time change too. The adjustment is difficult. I don’t think it saves much energy.

    • They should publish an annual report showing how much was saved. That would either motivate us to stop complaining or motivate legislators to do away with it. Maybe.

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