Riding in the Car, with Dogs

I wanted to share Easter music with you today, but the youtube choices were not appealing.  Besides that, I am not really celebrating Easter this year because I’m spending today in the car, heading back to Colorado.

Yes, we drive from DC to Colorado.  More than once a year.  With dogs.  Or, this spring, with a dog.  Trixie came, but Jeb stayed home with my son.

Jeb will jump in the car with us at any time, but once there, he hunkers down and pants, obviously motion sick. He has never once put his head out the window of a moving vehicle.

Trixie, on the other hand, travels like a pro.  A pro who alternates between looking out the window, sleeping on my lap, and mooching for treats.  In other words, she acts like she does at home, perfectly content and at ease.

Do your pets enjoy being in the car or merely tolerate it?


14 thoughts on “Riding in the Car, with Dogs

  1. We did Easter yesterday because we will be on the road today too. Only a 3 hour drive though not near as far as your drive. My Boston Piggy loves to go for rides…long or short she doesn’t care. Her favorite place is in the driver’s lap. She only gets to sit there when I am not driving because I am so short that there isn’t enough room between me and the steering wheel. Sometimes she will try to squeeze in and I have to make her move to the console area between the front seats. I can just imaging how she would be embossed in my chest by the airbag if we had an accident.

    I love traveling with my dog(s). Since they don’t really have a grasp on time, she loves a long drive that lasts from morning til night, or a quick trip to the post office 3 miles away.


  2. Just watched the video…it didn’t work for me earlier. So fun! My dogs like to ‘smell’ out the window when we slow down to intown speeds but they don’t like the air blowing in their faces.

  3. Thank you – your post sparked a memory, of walking my dog when suddenly I heard a shout behind me. We’d walked past a bus stop, L had stopped to have a smell when the bus drove up and opened the doors. L happily jumped on to take a ride… I had to drag him off he wasn’t happy about losing the privilege without going anywhere 🙂

  4. Our little lap dog adores a ride in the car more than anything. Only problem is that if we park to run into a store real quick, she has anxiety attacks. I have to judge if the anxiety attack is worth the ride sometimes. Love doggies and kitties.

      • “Nobody worries like a small dog.” Now that is something I will remember and is great wisdom. This is our first “little dog” so we are learning a few things along the way; mostly unmatched joy as our dog is a stuffed animal on wheels.

        • I love little dogs! I don’t know how so much love and energy fits in such a small body. Well, it doesn’t really, does it? That’s why they are so expressive.

  5. One of my dogs gets car sick too. I always feel sorry for her because I can tell she wants to go with us, but she hates getting into the car. She always lingers outside until the last possible minute. My other two dogs think the car is awesome because they can bark at everything going by. We have one dog that always wants to drive. We have to restrain her in the back and anytime she is losse in the car she is sitting in the drivers seat.

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