Thinking Thin: Sweets as Treats

God works overtime to prevent me from becoming vain.

I have lost ten pounds in the past four weeks.  The only garments which are noticeably roomier are my bras.

I have to remind myself that:

  1. I knew this would happen.
  2. Weight will eventually come off my belly, hips, and thighs.
  3. There are other benefits to the changes I’ve made.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve been eating more protein and less sugar.  Now that I’ve been tracking my eating habits for a month, it’s not as much work to get the protein.

The sugar still requires considerable restraint, but I think this is where I feel the biggest difference.

I used to think I was developing arthritis, because I often woke with the sensation of swelling in my elbows and hands.  They never looked swollen, but they felt it, and they ached.

Since scaling back the added sugars, the soreness and inflammation has stopped.  I remind myself of this when I want to eat a peanut butter cup or special dark nugget with almonds.

I have not completely eliminated sugar from my diet, nor will I.

Sweets as Treats:  Adopting a health mindset about foodI still eat at least two servings of fruit daily, and when my mother in law baked pineapple upside down cake, I happily ate one piece.  Only one.  Yesterday, I went all out and ate, according to My Fitness Pal, an estimated 600 calories of baklava for Easter.

The cake was worth every calorie, but, in all honesty, I should have cut the baklava in half.  I enjoyed the first few bites more than the last few, but I finished it anyway.

This is where I need to adjust my thinking.  I need to return to the mindset of sugar laden desserts as special occasion treats, not every evening indulgences.  I should stop eating if/when the taste isn’t as fabulous as I’d anticipated.  Those are the thoughts and habits I had years ago – when I was thin.

I plan to continue to eat home baked goodies when offered, to make them occasionally, to savor one piece or two bites, and to remember my old policy on sweets and treats:

If it’s not fantastic, don’t waste the calories.

No grocery store apple pie tastes like one made from scratch.  I’m almost always disappointed in cake.  Cool Whip is gross.  Cookies really do taste better fresh from the oven.  The first bites always taste the best.

Now I just need to convince myself that Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey is not delicious.


25 thoughts on “Thinking Thin: Sweets as Treats

    • I eat it in such small quantities at a time. A pint usually makes six servings for me. I used to think that was reasonable, but looking at the sugar content, it is still not something I should be eating on a regular basis.

  1. Love it “if it’s not fantastic, don’t waste the calories”. The same could be said for relationships, sex and … well, you get the point. So many of us (color me guilty) waste our calories, time and energy on things that are less than fantastic. A few years ago, when I turned 50, I came to the conclusion I would no longer participate in such folly. Life has been so much sweeter ever since. Enjoyed the post!

  2. I love FitnessPal although it is a bit time consuming. For me, weight has come off much easier than in the recent past…mainly bc I’m so much more aware of serving sizes and caloric intake. I still make “room” for chocolate almost daily in my caloric allowances :)! Best of luck with reframing food choices!

    • My Fitness Pal has been helpful at relearning healthy portion sizes. It takes a lot more effort to measure and track, but I hope I’ll get better at eyeballing portion sizes with time.

  3. I love this! I have cut out chocolate completely, but it is such a trigger for me. I do let myself have the creamer I like in my coffee and fruit, and sometimes no sugar added hot cocoa. I had to change my mindset from “I can’t do this’ to ‘I deserve to be the best body, mind, and soul I can create.’ If I ‘cheat’ it is rare and something fabulous. Thanks for the wise words.

  4. good for you. you’ll see that once the weight’s been off for a year, and you stick to homemade sweets, you can indulge a little more and not gain an ounce. i can resist store bought anything all year long until easter. those bunnies get me every year.

  5. Hi Ginger, Good luck with your diet…I’m not sure I could ever give up Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough! LOL And that is so wonderful about buying the bike through World Vision. What a worthy cause, thanks for posting about it.

  6. Good luck on the Ben and Jerry’s…that stuff is so addicting. I am glad it is expensive. That keeps me from buying it. I just read that salt can cause inflammation in people predisposed to auto-immune diseases. Apparently excessive salt revs up the inflammation. For the last year or so I have eaten terribly and sat far more than I ever have in my life. It’s starting to take it’s toll on me. My clothes are too tight, I’m often tired. I am also getting stiff and groaning a lot when I get up. Ridiculous! I think cutting out all of the extra sugar might be a good idea. Eating one cookie instead of five cookies probably makes a huge difference. I have been trying to do that too. That and more exercise.

    • I don’t like the taste of salt, so my diet has always been low salt, but the sugar, well I love that taste. I’m finding it easier to abstain from the sweets than I did when I tried to limit myself to one or two. Once I start eating sweets, I find it nearly impossible to stop.

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