Safely Riding My Bike

My ‘burb has a well maintained system of bike/jogging paths.  It makes it easy for me to ride to the grocery store or library without spending much time on busy roads, which is good, because I am not the most confident rider.  Cars whizzing past at high speeds make me nervous.

Here, riding on the sidewalks is legal.  In many places it is not.  (Do you know the regulations in your town?)  Sidewalks are not necessarily safer, though.

I had a few close calls with cars pulling into or out of driveways while riding on sidewalks.  After reading How to Not Get Hit by Cars I realized why the drivers had not seen me, and I stopped riding on sidewalks as much as possible.

If you or your children ride your bicycles around town or just in your neighborhood, please take a minute to read this article.  It doesn’t talk about wearing helmets, bicycling rights, or regulations.  It’s practical advice centered on making yourself visible to cars so they don’t hit you.

Stay safe!


6 thoughts on “Safely Riding My Bike

  1. I loved this! Thank you for the great way to start the day. I’ve been lusting after a new bicycle lately, and I love, love, love that Queen song, so this was the perfect post for me. And as my youngest has decided to start riding around Denver (taking my old bike, which is why I want a new one), I will be passing the article along to her. Scares me to think of her pedaling around LoDo (which she lives just a short bike ride from). Thank you for this. ♥

    • Biking is so common in Denver that the drivers tend to be a bit more aware of cyclists than in some other cities, but, still, you have to be careful….and in Denver, you cannot ride on the sidewalks.

  2. We have a bike race here every year, but most car drivers seem to be oblivious of bike riders. The bike riders also seem to be oblivious of the traffic rules (not the ones in the race, but the locals). Bikers don’t stop at stop lights, drivers don’t pay attention to bikers in the bike lane. The bike lanes seem incredibly dangerous to me because they have them between lanes sometimes instead of on the side. I am not sure who designed them. We also have bikers that ride in packs with three or four wide so drivers are forced to follow behind them very slowly until they can pass. This makes the drivers angry so they drive aggressively. When my husband first moved here he was riding his bike and some kids pulled up next to him and started throwing rocks and beer cans at him. Apparently, some of the locals don’t like the bike race because they don’t like “outsiders” in their town. It’s very strange, but biking seems to have divided people. The bike race brings people here and the industry supports the town economically, but we still seem to have a problem with rules and respect and even kindness when it comes to bike riding.

    • I think part of the problem is that people don’t know the laws. Bikes are vehicles, and, in most places, they are supposed to be on the road, obeying the same laws as cars. Cyclists who don’t obey the stop signs and lights just anger the drivers who already think cyclists should not be on the road. (Plus, some people are just rude no matter what – or mean like the rock throwers. Okay, mostly, people are some combination of ignorant and rude.)

    • How very sad…..bicycle safety is about so much more than wearing a helmet. I wish drivers were more aware of the laws concerning cyclists and were more willing to share the road.

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