Staring into the Sun while Avoiding Its Wrath

NASA released this video last week, depicting three years of the sun in three minutes.  There is a guide here to eclipses and major flares you’ll see.

Fascinating to watch, though I am by no means a sun worshiper.  I am a sun avoider.

My freckled skin has never tanned.  It burns to a crisp, then returns to a naturally pale state.

Every summer of my childhood resulted in at least a few painful sunburns.  I don’t think I discovered sunblock until I was in my teens, but by then I was already resolutely avoiding the sun.

Now living in the land of 300 Days of Sunshine per year, I spend most summer days indoors.  I try to fit all my outdoor activities into the hours before 10 am or after 6 pm.  When I do go out, I wear a wide brimmed hat and stalk the shade.

How do you feel about the sun?  Are you a sun bather or a shade seeker?


6 thoughts on “Staring into the Sun while Avoiding Its Wrath

  1. I’m another who doesn’t tan but I do love the sun. I just tend to sit in the shade and enjoy the reflected warmth. The fifteen – thirty minutes I can get at lunchtime are enough to turn my skin red. So, sunglasses, hats and loose overshirts. But it is pretty to look at 🙂

  2. We have a similar schedule, mostly because it is hot. My daughter is pale and she just turns red and then back to pale. So, we try to keep her in a hat and sunblock which is no easy feat. It’s easier to go out early and late to avoid too much sun.

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