What an elephant forgets

Groucho enjoys being sprayed with water.

A wet elephant is more likely to get in the pool than a dry elephant.

Since he's wet, Groucho decided to step into the pool.

That is what I learned yesterday at the zoo, where Groucho enjoyed getting sprayed with the hose before stepping in for one of his favorite activities, swimming.  Apparently, he’d forgotten over the winter how much he loved the pool last year, so the keepers were coaxing him in.

Groucho remembers that he is an elephant who loves swimming.

Watching him, I thought about how much he and I have in common.  There are things I love to do, but it’s almost like I forget how much I enjoy them.

Groucho, the swimming elephant.

Until, like Groucho, someone reminds me, or I get a little feel of it.
Then I remember how much I love it.

Even swimming is better with snacks.

Are you like Groucho and me?
I read somewhere that this trait is common
(but not universal) among introverts.


7 thoughts on “What an elephant forgets

  1. I’ve learned I need to have a list of things I know are good for me and I enjoy… or yep I forget. Especially when tired or stressed. I’m now going to remember Groucho every time I look at my list 🙂

  2. I just took our dog Anya for a walk down our street and forgot how much I enjoy walking by each neighbors house, as if to say Hi.

  3. i am, and always have been an introvert, and i understand groucho completely. but i still need the quiet time even tho i am appreciative when i make it to the pool so to speak.

  4. Reminded me of scrapbooking (photo albums) which I LOVE when I’m doing it but I have let it slide for about 5 years now. Not sure why. And yes … I’m an introvert!

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