Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is only two days away, so my pinterest and twitter feeds have been filled with gifts ideas for the past week.  Recipes for breakfasts in bed and brunches, suggestions of jewelry or spa weekends.  All sorts of ways to celebrate or be celebrated by the ones you love.

I haven’t paid attention to any of them, so here I am, wondering if I should send my mother in law flowers yet again.

For myself, I feel so blessed to be a mom, I really don’t need flowers or gifts, and the idea of eating in bed is repugnant to me.  The best gift I could ever want is to see my children thriving.  I think most parents feel that way, even the ones who enjoy a day of pampering.

We cannot imagine the pain of watching our child go hungry, of not being able to give them an education, basic medical care, a future.

I cannot think of a better way to honor moms than to alleviate the suffering of mothers and children who know those sorrows on a daily basis.

Once again, I’m turning to my World Vision Gift Catalog.

If there is one thing that reading Holocaust memoirs does for a person, it is to make them aware of genocide as an ongoing issue in the world.  So, for Mother’s Day, I chose to send support to refugees from the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Because of corporate and government grants, my little gift will be multiplied nine times.  I hope and pray that this will ease the daily burdens for another mom, far away, who has never even dreamed of a day spa.

I also wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  However you choose to celebrate it, I hope you feel appreciated and loved.


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