Crafty Like a Porcupine

Have I ever mentioned how crafty I am?

No?  Well, that’s because I’m not.

I’m a wannabe, and always have been.  (Just so you know, I was a wannabe before Pinterest made it cool.)

In my mind, I am always doing amazing things with paint, fabric, and other people’s junk.  I even sew my own clothes and reupholster furniture in my imagination.

In reality, I’m just a detour on the way to the recycling or trash bin and lucky when I don’t injure myself in the process.

Next time, buy primer.Take, for example, this tray (which I forgot to photograph before I started painting it).  I “rescued” it from a friend’s donation pile, imagining that a few sprays of paint would give it new life.

Mistake #1:  Not buying primer.

If I’d had primer, I’d have used it, but I only had one 40% off coupon.  I didn’t want to buy primer and paint.  That would have taken the project over $10, and I’m pretty sure I could have bought a tray for that.  I brought home a single can of yellow spray paint for less than $5 to paint over a black tray with a dark bird and fruit design.

Mistake #2:  Painting on a breezy day.

I think every day is breezy, and spray paint fumes need to be outside, so why wait?  Bits of pollen and tree debris now add texture.

Mistake #3:  Drips are not correctable.

Holding the paint can closer than recommended in an attempt to not have so much of it blow away results in drips.  If you think that a drip can be fixed by tapping it with your finger, you are wrong.  It will make it worse.  Also, spray paint is harder to wash off your skin than regular paint.

Mistake #4:  Not knowing when to quit.

After the drip fix fiasco, I think a reasonable person would have stopped, taken the project into the garage, let the tray dry so it could be sanded, and tried again another day.  Not me.  No, I continued because there was still some paint left in the can.  There wasn’t enough to start over, and I certainly wasn’t going to buy another can of paint, so I just kept going until all the paint had been used.  That’s right, an entire can of paint for one small tray.

Mistake #5:  Documenting the project.

I’m pretty sure the drips, smudges, bits of debris, and still visible bird and fruit motif are hidden by the African Violets.  I positioned the leaves over the worst drips.  If I hadn’t told you, you’d probably never have noticed.

An entire can of spray paint for one tray.

Are you crafty?  What sorts of projects do you enjoy?  Have you spray painted anything lately?


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