If Ever I Would Leave You

Short version:

I’m rather crazy about my husband, and I do not like when he has to travel for work.

The End.

Longer version:  There is no longer version.  I just miss him.

Question:  Is there a best season for being apart?

I think I would say winter, because the days are short and go by faster.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “If Ever I Would Leave You

  1. Well…from the wife of a tugboat captain who is alone far too much, I’d say there is no good season. If he misses the winter holidays from Thanksgiving on…that’s no good. If he misses Valentine’s Day and our anniversary…that’s no good. If he misses my birthday or his birthday…that’s no good. Every day he’s gone is sad, so to answer your question, there is no good season to be away — like right now 😦

  2. I’d be inclined to agree with you! Though I have discovered, in my current season, that it’s easier to be physically separated than it is to be physically together but emotionally distant.

    • Beth, I have lived through that season, and came to the same conclusion. Alone is easier than lonely. I hope and pray that this season passes, and finds you stronger and happier and very much together.

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