How can I start a trend?

Is the cupcake trend over yet?Cupcakes.  Tattoos.  Honey Boo Boo.  Yoga pants.  Industrial kitchens in suburban homes.  Tom Cruise.  Spray tan.

These are just a few of the things with mass appeal I do not understand.

How do things become trendy?  Millions of people do not spontaneously develop a taste for cupcakes.  Or wearing those ear lobe expanding rings.  How do they seep into popular culture?

More to the point, why are they never things I like?

Why couldn’t baklava have become a hot trend?  Do you know how happy I would be if I could ride my bicycle to a good Greek bakery?  I live an easy ride from at least three cupcake bakeries.  They sell nothing but cupcakes.  Anyone with a kitchen can bake cupcakes.  It doesn’t even need to be a trendy industrial stainless steel kitchen.

I am forever off-trend.  I’m used to it, but I still just wish a good wool skirt was as easy to find as a pair of yoga pants.

When did NOT having a tattoo become a sign of anything?Not long ago, my husband was asked if he was Seventh Day Adventist because he doesn’t have any tattoos. I don’t even know the connection between those two things, but when did not having a tattoo become a sign of anything?

If tattoos are mainstream, does that make those without subversive, counter-cultural types?

Were it not for Facebook, I would never have heard of Honey Boo Boo.  I still have no idea who she is, but I know she has a tv show.  How can it be so popular if nobody admits to liking it?

If the world followed my interests, you would have been spared Honey Boo Boo.  Your friends would be looking forward to the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who and wondering how a show as fantastic as Awake could have been cancelled.  Well, it wouldn’t have been cancelled if everyone had been watching it and talking about it on Facebook as much as they talk about Miss Boo Boo or Game of Thrones.

People would be startled at the mere idea of an HBO series, because they have not seen a premium channel in decades, and only remember HBO as a channel for rewatching the same movie twenty times in one month.

Books would be as popular as television.  Non-fiction would be cool.  People would read about history, rather than romance novels in the guise of historical fiction.

Jasper Fforde Shades of GreyThey’d be eagerly awaiting the sequel to Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde rather than reading 50 Shades by whomever.  (I’m not even going to google it to find out.)

They’d leave movies saying things like, “Sure the special effects were fantastic, but the lack of plot and character development made it seem three hours longer than it already was!  Whatever happened to dialogue?”

Naturally pale skin would elicit admiration from friends and coworkers.  After a vacation, they’d say, “You look beautiful!  Great job protecting your skin from harmful UV rays!”  Nobody would ever suggest spray tan as a way of concealing anything.

I’m getting carried away.  What would be different if you were setting the trends?


12 thoughts on “How can I start a trend?

  1. The only thing I disagree with you is the premium channel television series. The ones I watch really are pretty incredible.

    Trends? I would vote for gong braless no matter your size. There’s nothing I like more than not having to wear a bra when I’m home and finished for the day.

    • There might be great shows on premium tv; I just wouldn’t know. What do you watch? Maybe I could find it on netflix.

      I think for braless to catch on as a trend, we’d need to idealize naturally placed breasts. I’m all for that.

  2. We are blessed around here with bakeries selling baklava (but there is a large Greek/Cypriot community near by) but no bakery just selling cupcakes – instead there are milkshake bars, but they sell other things too

    Never understood how so many things become popular – gardening is becoming trendy – but I was doing it way before it was…..

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