What is the opposite of a hoarder?

What is the opposite of a hoarder?

A de-clutter-er?  A simplifier?  Minimalist?

That’s what I am.  I enjoy getting rid of stuff as much as I enjoy getting stuff.  Sometimes more.

Last week, I gave half a trunk load of stuff to the ARC.  I would have given more, but I honestly could not find anything else that I don’t actually use or wear or love.  And I tried.

I perpetually feel like my spaces are cluttered, but the truth is they are  barely accessorized.  The clutter is, quite simply, papers that need to be filed or tossed, books that need to be put away, and shoes and nylabones all over the place.

Because I am a de-clutter-er, not a clean freak.

Teddy Bears?  According to my mom, they were just Dust Collectors.I think the two are related.  One of my objections to decorative items is that they require dusting.  This might be rooted in a childhood in which my mother referred to stuffed animals as “dust collectors.”

I’m not sure why dust on toys was worse than the dust on our end tables, lamps, and everything else.  It just was.

I don’t even know why this anti-dusting mindset is still with me.  Dusting is easy; I do it every week.  It’s not like scrubbing the shower doors or cleaning grout.  Or cleaning horizontal blinds.

I should really stop looking at things and imagining the bother of dusting them and decorate my home.  I should also throw away the stack of veterinary receipts and coupons I will never use.

I’ll get on that right after I search the closets for more things to give away.

Perhaps I’m not so much a minimalist as lazy.


7 thoughts on “What is the opposite of a hoarder?

  1. I my goodness, I am the same as you and my family hates it. I love nothing more than throwing all of the garbage that collects in my house away. No one seems to understand how cathartic this is!

  2. I always found it fascinating that dust is nothing more than human skin. I used to dust weekly, but I’ve been known to let it go two – three weeks – in between “cleanings.” What’s a little dust?

  3. We get desert dust. A brown coating of dirt that the wind blows through your walls. It’s quite amazing at times. I wish I could throw more away. I like that empty, no clutter feeling. I think decorating might be overrated. Unless you have a maid…maybe.

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