Let’s Discuss Doctor Who

While we’re waiting for the 50th anniversary special, let’s discuss the Doctor.  If you watch (and you should at least give it a try)…

1.  Who has been your favorite Doctor?
2.  Favorite companion?
3.  Did you care about the mystery of Clara?
4.  Did you watch old Who, or did you start recently?
5. What would you like in the next regeneration?
6. Do you want Jenny, Vastra, and Strax to get a spin-off?

1 & 2.  David Tennant and Catherine Tate were my favorites.  After Rose and Martha, I enjoyed the complete lack of romantic interest they had in each other and the depth of their friendship.  I loved Wilf, too.

3.  I did not care a whit about who Clara was. Granted, it wasn’t easy to predict like the mystery of who River Song was, but at least I cared about River.  I was disappointed when I heard that Clara would still be around next season; I was hoping for a clean slate.

4.  I never watched Doctor Who before Eccleston (whom I liked), but have since gone back to watch some of them.

5.  I hope the next Doctor is not so terribly young.  A little maturity adds depth.

6.  Torchwood was too dark for my tastes, and I found Jack much less appealing in his own show, so I’m almost afraid of a spin-off.  However, Strax, Jenny, and Vastra are fun, and I’d like to see more of them.  Maybe a few specials, but not a series.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss Doctor Who

  1. 1 &2. Tennant and Tate are my favorite too.
    3. No, don’t care and don’t really care for her.
    4. Never watched the old one and the only way I can now is to imagine David Tennant inside whichever Dr. Who it is. And still find them incredibly cheesy.
    5. Yes, I hope they don’t keep going younger. Don’t have a clue who I would like.
    6. I don’t want a spin-off because I think they’re having enough trouble doing quality shows as it is.

  2. Hmm I remember the ‘old’ doctors – before it came back. Wookie & I used to watch it but neither kid liked it (and we don’t watch much tv) so we’ve not got into the new version.

    Wookie & I had this conversation recently – we both grew up watching Tom Baker complete with K9 and scarf and therefore he IS the real doctor and our favourite 😉 We’ve watched a few of the new series – especially if at friend’s houses and they seem darker, Torchwood especially.

  3. Love the Doctor! I lived in Cardiff the first year they were filming again, and lots of scenes were done in and around where we lived. In fact, my car’s in one episode: Cybermen, Part II. I loved the Doctor and Donna, but I also loved Eccelston. I hated Amy, sort of liked Rory, can’t get around River, and didn’t watch the whole Amy seasons, because I just didn’t get it. Clara’s okay, but I still can’t figure it all out. I am watching in “real time” on BBC.UK via Tunnelbear.com, which changes your IP address to a UK one.

    • I felt let down by the Clara “revelation,” not that I cared much, but it seemed like a lot of build up for very little. Amy grew on me, so maybe Clara will be more interesting next season. Maybe.

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