Every movie a children’s movie?

My sister reminded me this week that Grease was the first movie she’d seen without an adult,  My mom dropped my brother, sister, and me off at the theater.  In June of 1978 that meant I was not quite eleven and she was a few months from turning seven.

Which led her to exclaim, “Who let’s a six year old watch that?” and reminisce about my mother’s look of shock when her tiny daughter danced and sang along to Greased Lightening.

Then I listed several more entirely inappropriate movies which I remember watching as a very young child.  Either my mother did not think about it at all, or she assumed that if the actors were clothed, we were clueless.

Even a naive child could not remain entirely clueless watching Natalie Wood steal her mom’s skeevy boyfriend in This Property is Condemned, and, unlike my sister, I knew full well that Gigi was being trained for prostitution.

Not that this is surprising.  I’ve told my husband for years that I never saw family tv as a child.  My mom only watched cop shows, variety shows, and MASH when I was little.  Quincy, Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch, Carol Burnett, Sonny and Cher, those I remember.  The Waltons?  Never.

Not that it seems to have harmed either of us, but my sister and I both exercised more caution with our own children.  I wonder if her girls have even seen Gigi?



10 thoughts on “Every movie a children’s movie?

  1. Our mother’s theory: if kids understand it, they’re old enough. If they don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter. She was kind of a childrearing Darwinist now that I think of it. 🙂 Anyway, that’s why we watched all sorts of stuff, appropriate and otherwise, as kids.

  2. Love this post. I saw some not so good movies as a young child and was clueless, but as a family we saw most of the shows you mentioned in addition to Waltons and Little House on the Prairie, etc. Of great note: My parents mistakenly took me to see Doctor Zhivago! My innocence was forevermore destroyed.

  3. My parents had a similar laxadaisacal (sp???) approach, and it’s gotten me into a few awkward spots, putting on DVDs for my boys of “this great movie I saw when I was a kid….” and finding out, “yikes! I watched this at your age?!?” Oops.

  4. I need to see Gigi. I don’t think I ever have. My mom would always forget there was a “bad” scene and then we’d all be sitting there turning red when it came on. I know she wishes she had exercised more censorship when we were kids, but her terrible memory prevented her from that sort of success!

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