Bloggy Blah Blah Blah

Bloggity Blah Blah BlahI’ve been hearing all month that Google Reader was going to disappear on July 1st, but it only occurred to me today that this might affect me.

I’ve never used Google Reader, but I use Google’s blogger dashboard.  I don’t know if that is going to disappear, too, but I decided to export all the blogs I follow with it just in case.

The two services for following blogs that I’ve been hearing about are Bloglovin and Feedly.  I have no idea if one is better than the other.  None.

So I joined Bloglovin because it referenced Swedish law, which made it sound exotic, in an icy and cold sort of way, which is incredibly appealing during a heat wave.

You can click here to follow my blog with Bloglovin, if you are so inclined.

I might try Feedly, too.  If I do, I’ll update this post.

In other bloggity news, I’m thinking of switching to a Sun-Tues-Thurs post schedule for July, because

  1. Summer heat makes me even lazier than usual, so I really have nothing to talk about.
  2. I’ll be away a couple weeks in July visiting my mom, which is also nothing to talk about.
  3. I have a lot of books I want to read.

Or, I might force myself to leave my house in the heat and take photos to share with you, like the irrelevant baby zebra above.  Does that sound like a threat or a promise?  I’m not really sure which it should be.

Or maybe I’ll write about the books I’m reading.  Or not.

Decisions, decisions.



Joining the In Crowd.

Throughout high school, I had what teachers and administrators termed an attendance problem.  “We need to talk about your attendance problem,” they’d say, “because in the real world, you have to show up for work.”

I always thought, “But this isn’t the real world!”

Never, at any job, did I have difficulty showing up, every day, on time, and completing the tasks assigned me.  So, I was right in knowing that my work ethic would not be determined by my school attendance record.

I was also wrong.  The real world, much to my chagrin, turned out to be much more like High School than I anticipated.

The cliques, the obsessions over grades and rankings, who likes whom, the adoration of the athletic and the beautiful, the pettiness and bullying, the drinking, the name calling, the popularity contests, and the insecurity – they’re all present in the real world.

I’m glad I skipped it when I could.

As a blogger, I’m asking again:  where do I fit?  The answer, now as then, is more easily framed in the negative.

  • I am not a mommy blogger.
  • I am not a food blogger.
  • I am not a motivational blogger.
  • I am not a health blogger.
  • I am not a style blogger.
  • I am not a craft/sewing blogger.
  • I am not a political blogger.
  • I am not a social media expert blogger.
  • I am not a product review blogger.  (But, Costco, if you need one, I’m here.)

Is there a category for bloggers who write about anything that pops into their head?  A random blogger?

Recently, I joined a blogging support group:  Generation Fabulous.  They are a very encouraging and talented group of “women of a certain age.”

I am out of my league.

Being in this group is like my freshman English class in high school, where classmates were already talking about MIT and how many AP classes could be fit into the next four years while I was figuring out how few math classes were required to graduate.

Likewise, these women are going somewhere.  They are starting or running successful businesses.  They are comediennes.  They are professional writers, tackling serious (or seriously sexy) subjects.  They blog for empowerment, education, and influence.  Or at least they stay on topic.  They discuss blog views in thousands and analyze marketing strategies.

Me?  I want to make a few friends, read and comment on their blogs, have them do the same.  I have visitors in the tens and can’t back-up my phone because I forgot the password.

They want to become a market force and change the way middle aged women are perceived and defined.

I am shopping at thrift stores, hadn’t noticed I was any more or less relevant than I’d ever been, and – dare I admit – didn’t even like Hope Springs.

Even so, I’m in because this clique is all about encouraging and supporting each other, not judging or competing.  Besides, I can’t be the only voice for the middle aged underachievers of the nation.  There must be other women who never lost touch with their inner child; who don’t want reinvention, just a bit of adjustment; who are happily doing their own random thing.

If not, I guess I’ve found my unique market niche.

Alliteration: alluringly amusing or absurdly annoying?

I know, I know, alliteration makes a writer a laughing stock, but, I can’t help it, when I’m thinking of what to blog, they just come to me.

  • Foodie Friday
  • Friday Photos
  • Free for all Fridays
  • Friday Fun
  • Fashion Fridays
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Three Things Thursday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Thrifty Thursday
  • Sing Song Saturday
  • Sunday Sermonettes
  • Stortytelling Saturday
  • Science Saturdays
  • Simply Sunday
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Tuesday Toss-up
  • Truthful Tuesday
  • Techie Tuesday
  • Trixie Tuesday
  • Mondays on Marriage
  • Movie Monday
  • Mid-life Monday
  • Makeover Monday
  • Moms on Monday
  • Mood-swing Monday
  • Monday Memories
  • Wednesday Wonders
  • Wishful Wednesday
  • Whatcha Reading Wednesday
  • Winston on Wednesday


And yet….it is Wednesday.

I’m reading Alexander McCall Smith’s latest Scotland Street book as it is published serially in the Scotsman.  It is gentle reading, and I enjoy this cast of characters.  In my One Year Bible reading plan I’m in Job (it’s a chronological plan).  Last night, I started Matthew Brzezinski’s Isaac’s Army, A Story of Courage and Survival in Nazi-Occupied Poland.

I am wishing that I had not delayed maintenance on so many little things around the house, because they have added up, and now I feel overwhelmed.

I should have listened to Winston Churchill who said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Wondering if there is anyone crazy enough to want to carry a cloned Neanderthal baby – I am thinking, yes, there probably are a whole slew of women who would volunteer, and the numbers would multiply if it got them a reality show on TV.  (Not me, if you were wondering about that.)

What are you reading or wishing or wondering about today?

Pseudonyms and Syncing Up (and a Poll)

I’ve used pseudonyms online for well over a decade, probably over fifteen years.  Back then, my reason was simpler:  I was hanging out on homeschooling bulletin boards, back in the day when they were totally public, no registration required.  My given name is so common that there were always several other women posting under it.

So I decided to use my grandmother’s name, Kay.  I consistently used Kay on every board, even when they went over to registered user accounts.  If they required more than three letters, I added “in CO.”

I never used it anywhere else, though.  So I have accounts various places – Pinterest, Ravelry, Goodreads – that use old email addresses, my real name, etc.  I wish I’d used Kay on all of them, to be consistent, but planning ahead is not my strong suit.

Back on Vegsource, Sonlight, the Homeschool Library, and various other now defunct sites (does anyone remember the one that was associated with a rubber stamping company?), I creatively referred to my children as Boy 1, Boy 2, and The Girl.  I know, I’m clever.

It would feel natural for me to do that here, too, but does that sound weird?  Alienating?

I’ve been thinking I should use names for my family members, and toying with linking up to the other places I am online, but, well, I just don’t know.  So I am asking you.  What do you think?  Do you even care?